The author JT is a retired officer of the Indian Navy and in his free time has often pondered over certain basic questions which haunt the daily aspects of our lives but which, unfortunately, we as humans, have never attempted to answer.

These questions include why is the male always in a hurry? Why is the male chauvinistic? Why is the male constantly at work? To avoid going home? And if yes then why so?

There are many books which have been written on the subject of evolution pondering over the basic question as to why we evolve. Well, the answer as we all know is quite simple – for the survival of our species.

But it is to be noted that very few books or researchers have mulled over the question of our evolution is a particular way.

So why do we evolve the way we do and why do evolution patterns are different in males and females? What are the forces which drive these basic changes in a man and a woman?

In The Unsure Male, the author, through a keen observational eye and strenuous research, has attempted to find the answers to these basic questions which guide the most fundamental aspects of our lives.

These along with numerous other deductions is what the book is all about.

Moving on to the next part of the review, it is to be noted that the book will prove to be an interesting read for those readers who are interested in biology, evolution, topics of scientific enquiry and other such related subjects.

But for those of you who don’t possess that inclination, The Unsure Male might appear a little academic.

Though all of 65 pages, I myself took a lot of time reading it as I wanted to be sure that I was absorbing the most of what was written and needless to say that it thus took a reader like me some good amount of time.

The book, though written from a gender-neutral point, will definitely amuse feminists and the fairer sex as it very scientifically proves the superiority of the same in many aspects.

The Unsure Male is quite an interesting and insightful read and if read with full focus and concentration will surely help increase our basic knowledge of evolution and its consequences in a great way.

The conclusions on the way in which our human race is headed are also scientific (and a little scary too) and would find a reason even with an average reader like me. I recommend this book to all lovers of scientific enquiry and even will urge the non-readers to try it out.