POEMS: 3.5/5

A diverse range of poems together form the book called Trials and Tribulations and it is rightfully titled because the poet Dr. Prajwal Kumar tries to convey the personal struggles and experiences that Life presents in front of every individual.

Here, the author opens himself to share his perception and interpretations with his readers on accustomed territories and recurrent contexts.

Different fonts within the text express the poet’s emotion that may seem cynical sometimes and then, optimistic or realistic too.

Through rhyming verses and acute expressions, the words flow as the author ponders on Love, on Hope and the capricious ways of Life in general.

It was fascinating to glimpse into the poet’s perception and view the World through his eyes.

There were certain repetitions in ‘Trials and Tribulations’ where the Poet states on the remembrance of a troubled past or the existence of death or hurting oneself to make sure he feels. Such repetitions tend to make a reading tedious, if not anything else.

However, he had covered that part through the lines in his book: “… But I don’t care if I am morbidly repetitive or repetitively morbid…” and, I agree with him to a certain extent that it matters little if one is repetitive to a specific theme till he is able to express his actual emotions and struggles to the readers.

I enjoyed the author’s take on procrastination and its impact on our lives in ‘Blood in the Water’ and on unconditional love in ‘For you I’m Alive, For you I’m Awake’.

I found the poet’s portrayal of motherhood beautiful and with complete alignment with my own thoughts. His promise to his sister was endearing as was his interpretation of ‘water as the daughter of nature’.

Prajwal took up these common sights and sounds that we often take for granted and gave them an extraordinary interpretation that I will always remember when I see them the next time.

The author’s ultimate goal is to reflect on love, hope and peace and help the readers in their constant search for it.

His simple yet striking expressions that originates from his astute observations and vivid imagination makes ‘Trials and Tribulations’ a book of poems that I would definitely recommend to any reader of this genre, more specifically to those beginning into the genre, like myself, who will be easily able to foray into the beautiful poetic world through this diverse, enchanting expression.

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