Unfortunately, reading is becoming less popular, as people no longer have time to fondle through paper books. But today we are going to prove that there are still dozens of fresh and breath-taking novels about love that are worth your time. So continue to read this list of Modern Books about Love.

“Still Me” by  Jojo Moyes

Lu Clark tries to escape from her past and moves to New York. In a big city, the girl begins her new life from a fresh start and finds a job for a wealthy family of Gopnik. But one day, she meets a man named Joshua Ryan, and everything changes. How will Lou’s new love influence her life? Will she finally be able to find happiness and stop tearing between the past and the future?

“I Hate Because I Love” by Natalya Sobolevskaya

Igor considered Vic to be the ordinary mistress of his deceased father-businessman. They have been hating each other for a long period of life; Igor even blamed Vic for the death of his father. Yet now they start to have some mutual feelings that will definitely change their lives. Igor is ready to fight for the heart of a young woman, but she doesn’t hurry to obey him.

“Public Secrets” by Nora Roberts

Emma became the only witness of a terrible crime; when she was little, her younger brother was murdered… But she has lost her memory as a result of the fall later. Now she has to recall everything she remembers: whose face did she see in the darkness of that terrible night, and why does it seem so familiar to her? And most importantly, after many years, how should she cope with that?

“The Ship of Brides” by Jojo Moyes

Love is closer than it seems. A breath-taking story based on real events. From the author of the world super-bestsellers “Before I met you” and “One plus one.”

1946. Francis, Evise, Margaret, and Jean dreamed of meeting their husbands after a long separation. Just like almost 600 other women who float along with soldiers on board of ship Victoria, a former military aircraft carrier. Francis does not imagine how much this journey will change her life…

” Wild and Beautiful Love” by Beatrice Small

Scotland, 1577. Katrina is an incredibly attractive girl. Everyone that sees her at least once falls in love with her. When Kat turns fifteen, she is forced to marry Earl Patrick Leslie who she doesn’t like at all. Later accused of cheating and humiliated, Katrion has to leave the house and retreat at Francis, the bastard of the king. Will lovers be able to overcome all obstacles and finally experience wild and beautiful love?

“Any Dream Will Do” by Debby Macomber

Shey Benson’s life was far from perfect. It seemed that she had no future as she got into jail. But on leaving the prison, Shey meets Drew Douglas. Warm, tender feelings and mutual sympathy arise between them. They become the support of each other. One more step, and a dream of real happiness and love will come true. However, fate gives them new challenges. The couple has to overcome them, not losing the most important thing – love and faith in their dreams.

“House of Secrets” by Linda Stacey

The relationship between Liam and Madeleine are going through a dark period. The last straw was cheating, and Madeleine left the man to settle at the hotel owned by her father. The first person she met there was Christopher, coarse hunter nicknamed Bandit. After he saved her daughter, Madeleine starts to feel sympathy for this odd man. He turns out to be a man with a kind soul and good intentions.

“Le Scandale des Eaux Folles” by Marie-Bernadette Dupuy

Jascent Klute was once happy with Pierre. She needed him like she needed air. The time was passing, and the feelings have gone. And here’s another terrible event that happened to the family of the Clutes: Jascent’s sister Emma committed suicide. Together with twins Sidonius and Lorik, Jasent decides to reveal the darkest secrets of Emma and find out why she did what she did. What mystery caused her to die?

“The Secret Heiress” Luk Devenish

Golden summer of 1886. The naive country girl Ida Garfield is in a hurry to escape from the farm, and when Miss Matilda Gregory, the mistress of Summersby’s house, offers her job as a maid, she takes this chance. Soon Matilda dies, and the handsome blond Samuel Hackett, the former fiance of Miss Gregory, starts to court Ida. Soon a terrible mistake of the past was revealed. And Ida decides to investigate what has happened…

” Shopaholic Abroad” by Sophie Kinsella

Rebecca Bloomwood now devastates New York stores. She is a real shopaholic, but she doesn’t only lose huge money, her addiction destroys her personal life, and career. The girl understands that no label is worth it. It’s time to declare the stores a war!

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