PLOT: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Hi friends, today I have the review of a very interesting book called The Mystery of the Graveyard Gold. I love adventure stories because they make me feel that I am also on that adventure, solving mysteries, visiting fantasy lands, and having a lot of fun.

Last week, my mother had a big surprise for me. She showed me a brand-new book and told me that it had been sent to me by the author so that I could read it and give my own review of it.

I was incredibly happy and jumped with joy!

This book is about two young boys named Karthik K John and Aarav Raghavan who find a pot of gold at midnight in the old Ulsoor graveyard. They have many questions about the treasure and they want to find answers. Aarav’s sister, Asha also joins them in this adventure for truth. All three characters are very determined to solve this case and the whole book is based on that.

The Mystery of the Graveyard Gold has many themes including mystery, friendship, and adventure. The thing that I love about this book is strong friendship. Aarav and Karthik were enemies at first but later they realized they were good for each other and became best friends and never fought again.

My favourite character is Asha as she is the same age as me. That is the reason why I find her very relatable. We both have a lot of similarities like the same age, both love adventure, and both are curious by nature and determined.

My favourite part in the book is when Asha finally becomes a full member of the club AKA. This book is a long one spanning 125 pages with some illustrations. But I wish these illustrations were colourful and not black and white.

The book is appropriate for children between the ages of 8 to 15 years. Those who love mystery and adventure will also love it. I loved it very much and enjoyed reading every bit of it.

Can’t wait to read it? You can buy your copy of The Mystery of the Graveyard Gold using the link below.