The Least Favorite Child C.R. Daems

PLOT: 3/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

It has been a while since I read a fast-paced and action-oriented novel, so when the offer to review The Least Favorite Child came my way, I gladly accepted it.

This is a story of Rivka, who at the tender age of six was sent away by her parents to a military training school in compliance with their country’s conscript law. Since Rivka was sent away by her parents because she was their least favourite child and this book is about her, the book is aptly titled The Least Favorite Child.

Rivka is heartbroken and becomes a loner when she realizes that she has been given away by her family without even a single thought. But her life of isolation and despondency soon changes when she meets Hada, a girl whom she befriends and who gives Rivka new rays of life.

Soon, Hada’s dreams of making it to the elitist of the military – the Black Guard becomes Rivka’s dream too. Rivka motivated and determined has a new purpose and a reason to live.

So will Rivka make it to the Black Guard? Will she be able to overcome all obstacles – physical and mental to become a part of the military elite? What will Rivka discover there? Will Hada forever be her friend? So what will happen to Rivka and what events will shape her life and career, these are for you to know when you read this book.

The plot is minimalist; it is simple and single-tracked, focusing on Rivka at all points of time. The story, though, takes many interesting turns and twists. There is undoubtedly a lot of action which takes the reader on the many different planets in Rivka’s universe.

The book is an ideal one for lovers of action and war reads. The narration is made real by a lot of descriptions of the scenes and the weapons and technology. For me, this went a little overboard but I am sure it will appeal to lovers of action.

The mystery surrounding the black guard is for real and the black guard is as fascinating as the blurb and initial chapters hinted. I also enjoyed the fiery and feisty character of Rivka and the loving and doting character of her friend Hada. Together, they gave me some major friendship goals.

The climax is fairly interesting and leaves a lot of scope for the second book in the series. The reader parts at an interesting turn and will definitely look forward to reading what happened next.

All in all, The Least Favorite Child was a decent read and I, therefore, recommend it to all lovers of action novels. There is indisputably a lot of combat and conflict which is just waiting to entertain whosoever comes desiring it.

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