At the young age of 32, Tanuj Lalchandani has achieved what many others can only dream of. An ardent Shiva worshipper, Tanuj started practising astrology at the young age of 16 years. Today, he is an author, an astrologer, a Vaastu consultant and a palmist. An extremely driven and passionate person, Tanuj has already achieved the two goals that he had set out for himself – to build a temple and to become an author. His first book was released in 2017 and he will soon be releasing two other books.

As an author, Tanuj writes very passionately about the topic that is very close to his heart – zodiac signs. In his latest book, Treasure Trove of Zodiacs, Tanuj gives us detailed information about the various zodiac signs including the various personality traits that are common for each zodiac signs.

Tanuj’s writing is simple yet impactful and with the help of this book, he aims to deliver astrology to the masses. He intends to make astrology simpler for his young readers and focuses mostly on the positive traits of an individual. His book can be hailed as a one of kind start-up kit for lovers of astrology. Along with providing the much-required knowledge on the subject, the book also promotes art. Illustrated with beautiful artwork, it can be safely said that the book itself is a piece of art.

Tanuj boasts of a dedicated clientele consisting of both Indians and NRIs. All thanks to the accuracy of his predictions, he is a very sought-after astrologer. He is currently spreading his love for astrology and working on his two upcoming books which will be focusing on Love Signs and Vaastu.

We at bookGeeks got a chance to interview this young and humble achiever who is surely a role model for our generation, especially for aspiring astrologers.

bookGeeks:Tell us something about Tanuj as a person?
Tanuj:I am a very simple person who enjoys the comfort of his home. I love travelling and good food. I am not much into partying.

Most of my clients have become close friends over a period of time. I enjoy my work very much. Meditation gives me inner peace. Once I decide to do something, I am very persistent and do not stop till the goal is achieved.
bookGeeks:You immersed yourself into the world of knowledge at a very young stage. Can you tell us about your journey so far?
Tanuj:The journey has been wonderful. It started at the age of 14. I met my Guruji, Late Mr Subhash Chand Gupta, who taught me the nuances of astrology. He guided me and I embarked on this wonderful spiritual journey.

We were facing difficulties during that period and slowly things started improving. Ups and downs are a part of every journey. It is more important to rise after the fall. My work gives me satisfaction and peace.
bookGeeks:Tell us something about your transition from an astrologer to an author?
Tanuj:I always wanted to write a book. It was my dream since I started astrology. So, more than a transition, it has been the fulfilment of a cherished dream.
bookGeeks:What is the biggest myth which people have when it comes to astrology and zodiac signs?
Tanuj:The biggest myth regarding astrology is that those who blindly follow it, believe that it can miraculously solve their problems overnight. This is not true.

Remedies take time and must be done wholeheartedly. They are used to enhance positive impact or to lessen the negative impact of planets. Astrology cannot dramatically alter one’s life.

The myth surrounding zodiac signs is that people believe they will be a living embodiment of all the traits of their sign. This is not possible as various other factors strongly influence personality and life. Also, future predictions solely based on zodiac signs are not always accurate.
bookGeeks:What has been the key factor behind your success as an astroseer?
Tanuj:Spirituality and belief in karma have been essential in my life. Through the various ups and downs in life, my faith in the Almighty has not wavered. If anything, it has only become stronger during the tough times.

I suggest the same to most of my clients. Positivity can help you during the most difficult times. Meditation has helped me become a calmer person.

My purpose is not to fool my clients but to help them overcome their problems. Any work, when done with noble intentions, will lead towards happiness and success.
bookGeeks:What are your other interests outside of astrology and writing?
Tanuj:I really enjoy travelling. I travel a lot to Rajasthan. By the grace of God, I have been able to fulfil my dream of building a temple in Tonk, Rajasthan.

So I pay a visit there every month. Apart from this, my work often takes me to different places. Travelling makes me happy. Apart from this, I am a car enthusiast.
bookGeeks:Tell us about your upcoming books? What are they going to be about?
Tanuj:My next book is titled Spiritual Karma. It is an attempt to understand the various Indian Gods and Goddesses and how to worship them. The book combines spirituality and astrology.

With this book, I attempt to present simple remedies which are either to be performed daily or just once a year. These simple remedial measures can help a person in leading a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Such remedies help in strengthening our karma and getting rid of karmic debts and sins.

This book not only focusses on improving karma but also encourages us to focus on the positivity around us. We are surrounded by a lot of positive energy and by focussing on it, we can get the best out of it.

It will help one to become a calmer and more peaceful person with a golden aura. It will encourage one to forgive and forget and move ahead on the path to success. With good karma and a positive attitude, one succeeds in all spheres of life.

After this, I plan to come out with two other books, one on Vaastu and the other on Love Signs.
bookGeeks:Any tips you would like to offer to newbie authors?
Tanuj:I would suggest first-time authors to publicise their book in advance. It helps if the book already has a name in the market before its launch.

While writing the book, it is important that you do not lose track of your thoughts. It is very easy and tempting to give up when you are almost there. Stay calm and focussed. Do take suggestions and opinions from friends and family. However, incorporate only the ones which appeal to you.
bookGeeks:A few words of wisdom for people who want to be a successful astrologer like you.
Tanuj:Have a lot of patience and don’t try to fool people with expensive and useless remedies. At the core, you should be willing to help people and guide them towards happiness and contentment.
bookGeeks:How do people reach you should they want to avail your services? What are the different ways that you help people in?
Tanuj:I am easily reachable via phone or email. I am based in Delhi and most clients from Delhi prefer to meet face to face. I do have clientele from all over India and abroad. They consult over phone or email.
The services provided by me include Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Vaastu and Spiritual healing. Based on a person’s horoscope, I suggest simple remedies, which often include visiting a holy placed or doing some charity as I believe the best remedy is feeding someone.

My contact details are as follows:

Address: H-16-B, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019
Phone: 9871078505

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