The Immortal Secret Mantra

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Author Vivek Shukla is a man of many talents. As can be gauged from his 37+ years of corporate work experience, his area of expertise is Telecom Operations, however, it is writing that fuels his imagination. Writing is the passion that keeps his creative juices flowing, and it is in pursuit of this goal that the author has most recently come up with his debut book, The Immortal Secret Mantra – The Recipe.

2 Min Read

In the year 1803 AD, a young boy Ramanand, inspired by the many lessons imparted by his father – a renowned Sanskrit scholar Pandit Ramdev Shastri, develops an undying curiosity about immortality and its hidden secrets. Thus, what began as a short discourse on the seven immortals mentioned in Sanatana Dharma soon becomes a subject that consumes his day and night.

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