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Prosenjit Das Gupta talks about his book, A Conflict in Thin Air | Interview

Prosenjit Das Gupta is a dynamic author whose literary adventures span the realms of a Jim Corbett biography, an exploration of India’s evolving economics, and a deep dive into the intense Sino-Indian border conflict. His active online presence and unwavering passion for travel and wildlife photography paint a vivid tapestry of thrilling experiences and boundless knowledge.

A Conflict in Thin Air by Prosenjit Das Gupta

A Conflict in Thin Air | Prosenjit Das Gupta | Book Review

A Conflict in Thin Air presents an exemplary example of a well-researched book that captures the essence of not just the India-China border conflict of 1962, but also give us an overall purview of the geo-political history and diplomatic outlook of China, India, and Tibet.