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Dark Star by Ranbir Sidhu Book Review

Dark Star | Ranbir Sidhu | Book Review

“Dark Star” unveils the silent struggles of a gifted woman in Punjab, shackled by a lifetime of male dominance. Once cherished for her psychic sight, she now lies alone, powerless, and forgotten, yearning to share her untold stories before the shadows of her past consume her. A tale of resilience and lost dreams.

The Perfumist of Paris by Alka Joshi Book Review

The Perfumist of Paris | Alka Joshi | Book Review

Delve into ‘The Perfumist of Paris,’ a captivating finale to the Jaipur Trilogy. Radha, immersed in fragrances and love, navigates life’s complexities, finding her true calling in the heart of Paris. Immerse yourself in a journey of scents, family, and unexpected encounters, as this spellbinding tale weaves India and Paris into an evocative tapestry of emotions and empowerment.

Now You See Us Balli Kaur Jaswal Book Review

Now You See Us | Balli Kaur Jaswal | Book Review

Dive into the vibrant world of “Now You See Us” by Balli Kaur Jaswal. In the bustling city of Singapore, Cora, Donita, and Angel, Filipino domestic workers, navigate complex lives. Cora conceals her past, Donita defies her demanding boss, and Angel grapples with a breakup. Together, they form an extraordinary friendship, embarking on a mission to uncover the secrets hidden within Singapore’s elite. Join their captivating journey into a world of intrigue and resilience.

Latest Releases in Indian Literary Fiction - May 2023

Latest releases in Indian Literary Fiction | May 2023

As the sun beats down, there is no better time to dive into the world of literature and indulge in the joy of reading. With an abundance of options available in the form of books, audiobooks, and ebooks, it can be overwhelming to choose where to start. However, we have made the task easier for you by presenting the latest releases in Indian Literary Fiction – May 2023.

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong Book Review

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous | Ocean Vuong | Book Review

In On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, Little Dog writes a letter in English to his uneducated Vietnamese mother at a time when he is in his late twenties. He documents the history of his family that begins much before he was born, with the story of his grandmother Lan. Like many Vietnamese families of that era, their story too is rooted in war. It starts with the war and it is the war that dictates what eventually becomes of them.

The Ardent Swarm Yamen Manai Review

The Ardent Swarm | Yamen Manai | Book Review

Darkly humorous, distinctly witty, and terribly sarcastic, The Ardent Swarm is a fictional novel translated from French by Lara Vergnaud. In this novel, Yamen Manai weaves a tale of awe and thrill against the backdrop of the socio-political upheavals and transition in a region that has been synonymous with instability and unpredictability in its public policies.

Qabar by KR Meera Book

Qabar | KR Meera | Book Review

Originally written in Malayalam and translated to English by Nisha Susan, Qabar is a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Phenomenal and evocative, this novel thrives through subtlety in a state of multiple paradoxes. This is particularly true of the constant tussle in the novel between the real and the imaginary. Deeply rooted in contemporary Indian society, the novel is set in Kerala and abounds in the frequent references to iridescent myths of the only man who returned alive from Kashi and the levitating twins.