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Daphne gets dumped by her fiancé, and starts living with Miles, who is the exact opposite of her shy and reserved personality. Soon as they fall into the fake dating trap, the equation begins to change and sparks start to fly. Can Daphne forget her plans of leaving and start a new chapter in a town with her ex-fiancé’s new fiancé’s ex?

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Harriet and Wyn met thanks to their closest friends Sabrina, Parth, Kimmy, and Cleo. Their friendship turned into love, leading to an engagement that lasted for a long time until they broke up about 6 months ago. Now, all of them have decided to go one last time to the Maine cottage which had been their group’s yearly getaway whenever they are together. But for Harriet and Wyn, things won’t be the same as they are pretending to be a couple for their friends.

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January Andrews is a romance writer who is broke and on a deadline. In the middle of writer’s block, she decides to come to a beach home. Augustus Everett is a successful literary fiction author, who happens to be January’s next-door neighbour at the beach house. They both are dealing with writer’s block when they find themselves with a writing bet!

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