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While the realm of psychological thrillers boasts an abundance of remarkable works by international authors, I have noticed a dearth of Indian voices making their mark in this genre. There seemed to be a void awaiting fresh voices to emerge. Into this space, enters Girish Dutt Shukla and his gripping masterpiece, Cold Blooded Love. The novel not only captivates with its dark and compelling psychological narrative but also heralds the arrival of a promising new talent in this unexplored realm.

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The Push is a deep and dark psychological drama about a mother who hopes that she will be a very different mother than what she got. While she hoped for all the great things in motherhood but what she got was something else altogether.
Blythe Connor wants to be a devoted mother, something that her own mother never was. But just when she was in the most nascent and exhausting phase of motherhood, she realizes that there is something wrong with her daughter Violet.

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When young Tamara ends up marrying Mike Mitchell, she never believes her luck. Having come from a humble background and with no decent education, Tamara could have never imagined that someone as rich, handsome, and sophisticated as Mike would ever become her husband. Mike is not just the perfect gentleman but also the perfect husband, the most caring, loving, and kind. But Tamara’s steady and guarded world is shattered when she discovers that Mike is cheating on her.

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