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The heart of this tale is what ignites your passion! Bursting at the seams with compelling and charismatic characters, their enigmatic motives and rich backstories, all served up in a tantalizing blend of full-throttle masala entertainment, this book is an absolute gem. The Play of Justice is a captivating entertainer that’s practically begging to hit the big screen—whether as a blockbuster movie or a binge-worthy web series. The narrative is an intoxicating mix of elements that’ll keep readers glued to their screens.

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Kitty Collins is a famous influencer with over a million followers on Instagram, who absolutely adore her lifestyle and her vegan ways of living. One night after a party, she accidentally kills a man. She thought she would be caught, but when it appears that she has gotten away with it – the thrill, the glow she feels in her body is exhilarating and that’s where the addiction begins for Kitty.

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Anant Kapoor is a rich, famous, and super-successful fund manager. One day he is found dead in the basement of his house. His wife Sonia finds his body when she calls him the next day morning for breakfast. It is very easy for the police to pin down the murder on Sonia, as she has no alibi and she directly benefits from Anant’s death.
On digging deeper though, the police find 2 more suspects – Anant’s younger brother Vicky, and another guy called Mahesh.

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