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Ice Bound

Ice Bound | Hywel Richard Pinto | Book Review

PLOT: 4/5 CHARACTERS: 3.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5 CLIMAX: 3/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3/5 “Ice Bound” is based in 2034 on the post-apocalyptic earth – a new world, where only faint traces of the old world remain and the survivors of the apocalypse fight the deteriorating cold every day. The temperature of the earth is dropping – …

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Just Graduate

Just Graduate | Neetika Bhatnagar | Book Review

PLOT: 3.5/5 CHARACTERS: 3/5 WRITING STYLE: 3/5 CLIMAX: 3/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5 The dazzling lights, the boisterous crowd, excited family and friends and all the shenanigans brighten up the atmosphere of yet another big fat Indian wedding that entwines two families together. As everyone, from both the families, leaves no stone unturned to make sure …

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Ramona Manoj Jain

Ramona | Manoj V Jain | Book Review

PLOT: 3/5CHARACTERS: 3.5/5WRITING STYLE: 3/5CLIMAX: 3/5ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3/5 Few Musings I am a binge reader. I sometimes read 2-3 books in a span of 2 days. Remember this – for binge reading to work, all the books should be different from each other and should give you the necessary variety. I was on such a …

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Across the Silent Sands

Across the Silent Sands | Karthik Sreeram Kannan | Book Review

PLOT: 3.5/5 CHARACTERS: 3.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 2.5/5 CLIMAX: 3/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 2.5/5 Few Musings Thrillers often excite me. The mystery and dread associated with a thriller are often hard to come by in any other genre. The year 2017 saw me reading an increasing amount of thrillers and I am pretty confident that this trend …

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The Sacred Sword

The Sacred Sword | Hindol Sengupta | Book Review

PLOT: 3.5/5 CHARACTERS: 3.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5 CLIMAX: 3/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5 A little babbling History is one of my favourite subjects and consequently, I love reading historical thrillers when it comes to fiction books. My craving for historical fiction books is such that I gobble one or two such books every month. “The Sacred …

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Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar

Men and Dreams: In the Dhauladhar | Kochery C. Shibu | Book Review

PLOT: 4.5/5CHARACTERS: 4.5/5WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5CLIMAX: 3/5ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5 Some Musings Though November is supposed to be a non-fiction month (see non-fiction November), I somehow find myself devouring an increasing number of fictions as the days go by. “Men and Dreams: In the Dhauladhar” was sent to me by the author Kochery C. Shibu just a couple …

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