Ayse Kulin

Rose of Sarajevo

Rose of Sarajevo | Ayse Kulin | Book Review

Rose of Sarajevo is set during the 1990s which shook the entire nations of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia. The war that ensued saw millions of Bosniaks being tortured and murdered in the name of ethnic cleansing. This story is of one such family who lost their everything in the war.

Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin

Last Train to Istanbul | Ayse Kulin | Book Review

PLOT: 4/5 CHARACTERS: 4.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 4.5/5 CLIMAX: 3.5/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 4.5/5 “All he was now was a wretched number and old, very old, even older than his father, whom he referred to as “the old man.” He was now 3,233 years old.”― Ayşe Kulin, Last Train to Istanbul A few musings I love reading in the …

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