PLOT: 3/5

Elisa Henderson is an established dating coach who has recently ventured into the world of celebrity coaching and with the help of her sister landed the celebrity actress Celine Carr as her client.

Elisa sees a lot of opportunity in Celine for her and her business as Celine has enjoyed quite a lot of attention for her constant love troubles and Elisa is all set to change that by the way of her excellent dating tips.

But as soon she is on board her plane to her dating boot camp planned at St Bart’s, she comes across Brett Jordan, her best friend in college, whom she had fallen for, and who kissed her and then left her to make out with her sister just two weeks later.

After that fateful kissing night, she never saw him again and realized that it was in her best interest to keep away from men like Brett Jordan.

Thus, on seeing him in the plane and on discovering that Brett was the one accompanying Celine on the date camp, Elisa is shattered.

How will she ever cope with the ever intimidating presence of Brett Jordan?

She knew that Brett smelled of trouble and that it is guys like him that her client Celine Carr should beware of and stay away from. But then what to do? How to make sure her damsel does not get distressed at the hands of this handsome and suave gentleman.

I liked Still So Hot! and I loved the plot. It is simple and very nicely delivered. I also enjoyed the characters of Elisa and Brett.

The most special thing about their relationship was the past connection that they had.

The underlying tension during all encounters between the two was also very good.

The romance was steamy and kept the readers hooked. The chemistry between the two was just unbelievable.

The side characters too had an important part. Celine Carr was also a character well carved and delivered.

The big bonus was the exotic location and the looming vacationing spirit. To read second chance romances set in such interesting situations is always a pleasure.

Still So Hot! is a pleasure to read and I, therefore, rate the book three out of five stars and would surely look forward to reading more books based on the characters of Brett Jordan and Elisa Henderson.