Reading books is a great way to expand your knowledge. It’s also a way of learning new things and discovering yourself. Hence, collecting books is a very fulfilling hobby for bookworms out there. 

Books have so much to offer. There are countless topics to choose from. They also contain different genres, and you can pick whatever you like. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be smart to read. Instead, one reads to be knowledgeable.  

For book lovers or bibliophiles, signed books are the most precious things in the world. They make your book more personalized. Signed books carry a piece of the author with them. Thus, it becomes more meaningful and special.  

Having a signed book is like having an autograph from your favorite actor or athlete. It just makes a book more unique. It gives you this feeling that it was made for you. It also may be a source of inspiration for most. So, many book lovers want to get their hands on signed copies.   

Here are five things to consider when starting a signed book collection:

  1. The Authenticity Of The Signature 

First, you need to make sure that the signature is authentic. Having a book with a fake signature makes no sense at all. A counterfeit signed copy loses the essence of having one.  

One way to check the authenticity of signed books is to let an expert verify them for you. There are many websites online that can do it for you. Some libraries also offer to check signed copies. 

Moreover, you also need to check the signature itself. Check if the signature was printed or signed using a pen. A real pen-signed autograph should have uneven inks and other areas should be darker. There should be differences in the ink because of the strokes of the pen.  

You should also compare the signature you have with other copies on the internet. Make sure to have a legitimate comparison and compare both. If there are any differences in the copy you have, it may be best to consult an expert about it.   

  1. Kind Of Signature 

There are many types of book signatures. The two most common types are inscribed and flat signed.   

Inscribed types are more desirable signatures. It’s because they have an autograph and a personal note from the author. It may be a long or short dedication by the author to the person receiving it.   

Books with inscribed signatures are sought after by collectors. It’s a collectible that is rare and valuable. Its price may also increase over time and can be sold for a higher price than what you paid for.   

Flat signed books are those with only an author’s signature. These are the ones that have no personalized note or dedication. They are also considered collector’s items. However, for some, they are not as valuable as inscribed books.   

The most sought-after books are those with an autograph and dedication on the dedication page. These are books that the author signed for a loved one for whom they wrote the book.   

An example is when the author dedicated his book to his mother and signed the dedication page. These kinds are rare and one-of-a-kind books that are hard to find. These are also very pricey because only one exists.   

  1. Kind of Book 

You need to determine the kind of book you want to collect. Figure out the genre you want to start with. Book genres can range from fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, fantasy, and so on.   

Authors usually conduct book signing events to promote their works, especially for autobiographies. Thus, many autobiography books are signed.   

However, signed novels and classic books are rare and seldom in the market. If you want to collect books from classic authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Alexandre Dumas, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Charles Dickens, chances are you won’t find any today. Those kinds are usually kept in libraries or museums because they’re considered literary treasures.  

  1. Method of Collecting 

There are two ways in which you can start your collection. You can either have your existing books be signed or you can buy signed books.  

For new books, you may attend book signing events during launches. However, if you want to collect old books, you have to put extra effort to find and buy them from resellers. You can do both if you want to collect faster.   

  1. Your Goal  

As first-time collectors, you need to know your goal and the purpose of the collection. Ask yourself if you would collect to resell or just for added sentimental value.   

You also need to know how many books you want to collect. Set timeframes and list specific goals. It’s essential to have a clear picture of what your goals are. So, your book collection process would be more efficient.  

Start Collecting 

For book lovers, signed books are special items to have. The authors’ signatures give added sentimental and personal value to them. Signed books are also unique and one-of-a-kind that’s why book collectors want to add one to their collection.  

There are many things to consider when collecting a signed book. It’s to ensure you get the best collection possible. But don’t forget to treasure every book you have because they are all special and unique in their way. 


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