PLOT: 3/5

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy” – Jane Fonda[/perfectpullquote]

The sentiment conveyed in the above lines is perfectly applicable to the protagonists of the book “Silver Dreams” who try to find love at an age where they are being treated as discards from regular life.

The protagonists live in an old age home where they meet and then from there it’s a love story with diverse twists and turns.

How does one define love or appropriate age for love? This is the question the book looks to answer through a heartwarming story.

There really aren’t enough romantic fiction novels about elderly people.

The book, being romantic in nature, tries to validate the idea that one can find love if they are eager to look for it. It tries to show an entirely new side to love, a love which transcends the limitations of age.

Sometimes you meet someone special irrespective of age and if that someone is a person you connect to on a level you feel true love for, the choice to take the leap of faith is what defines one’s life.

“Silver Dreams” is the story of Kinnary and Rana who are isolated from their children and family members and find their source of happiness in each other.

As love propels, so does their problems. The lovely couple faces off every hurdle that gets thrown their way in a manner which is likeable and reminds the reader of a how enthralling it can be to feel loved.

From scary exes to voodoo attempts. The author leaves nothing to the imagination, she leaves the book at such a cliffhanger which makes one wonder whether a sequel is in progress. Maybe but only time can tell.

The marriages in modern times seem to have lost their everlasting nature, with the partners opting out of them on signs of various issues.

The book tries to cover the story of people who are looking to give it a second try. The problems and dilemmas which the people face when they decide to take second chances like dealing with ex’s, looking for their children’s approval, tackling with health etc.

The one striking feature about “Silver Dreams” is its character depiction, Kinnary is shown as a lady who in spite of being subjected to numerous painful incidents in her past is yet so full of life. She seeks adventure which comes knocking in the form of Rana.

The author Ms Kusum (Mastani, Nirbhaya & others who dared) has done an astounding job with the book. It’s well-composed into chapters and the storyline has been built in a manner which appeals to the heart.

The only downside which I felt was the need to portray the characters as flawless, too perfect in their actions, but maybe it’s the experience they have on their side which makes them so.

“Silver Dreams” is a light romantic read for all, will specifically appeal to someone who needs his faith in love rekindled.

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