PLOT: 3.5/5

Revenge is a very strong emotion. It has the capacity to overpower all other emotions and command a person to its dictates.

On the onset, it often seems the most gratifying wish but in the end, it just turns out to be futile.

The time and energy which goes into seeking revenge and the devastation it creates are never justified by the end result. It is thus necessary to keep ourselves in check and not let such negative emotions change who we are.

This book is one strong example of how revenge can ruin the lives of so many people and in the end ruin the revenge seeker too.

“The Secretive Six” is the story is of Karthik Mathur who works as a CBI agent and is given a strange assignment by his boss Bhushan Kumar.

Bhushan Kumar asks him to investigate the death of his close friend and a prominent IIT professor, Akhil Kumar who according to him did not die a natural death as the doctors claimed, but had been murdered.

Karthik does not understand the logic behind Bhushan’ s alleged theory nor does he believe him but nevertheless he gears up to the task.

But he is soon in for a major shock when he discovers that Bhushan was indeed right and Akhil was poisoned.

Before he can talk to Bhushan about his findings and get more clues from him, Bhushan is found murdered the same way.

Slowly and steadily Karthik realizes that there is a serial killer on the loose and he is killing prominent citizens of Delhi. Karthik also uncovers the mysterious outfit called “The Secretive Six” and its linkage to the murders.

So will Karthik be able to stop further killings? Will he ever discover the true identity of the killer? What is the true nature of this clandestine organization and what link does it have to the murders? What started six years ago that the killer has planned to end?

To know this and much more about the interesting turn of events which take place in this novel, read this tantalizing and entertaining book today!

The plot is absolutely stunning and well-knit. The two major things which dominate the whole book – the serial murders and the secretive six are linked beautifully.

Also, the plot does not have any loose ends because there are no unnecessary characters or subplots to confuse the reader and spoil the main plot.

The characters of Karthik, Pratik and Sanjana were among my favourites. Karthik is the perfect example of the hard exterior soft interior guy who can be as tough as he wants and also mellow down when required.

I liked the edge in and the versatility of Sanjana’s character too.

The climax of the book was another bonus which came with this intriguing read. It was absolutely unpredictable and quite amazing.

The writing style of the author was good with a little scope for improvement which usually comes with experience. There were a few editing issues but that did not spoil the fun for me at all.

All in all, “The Secretive Six” is an interesting read with every chapter being a page-turner. The twists and turns at the end of each leave the reader gasping for more.

For the originality of the plot, its beautiful execution, charming characters and the delectable twist at the end, I rate the book four out of five stars and recommend it to all my readers.