The Retro Man | Amit Pandey | Book Review

the retro man amit pandeyPLOT: 3.5/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

As human beings, we are inherently bound to have many flaws.

While some of us accept and respect that, trying to change wherever possible, others try to be more accommodating, while the greatest amongst us seek guidance, knowledge, and try to overcome them, turning them into stepping stones to success.

While there is a multitude of books out there in the market telling us what to and what not to do, most of them are available as self-help books which many who might fall in the same category as myself don’t find much appealing.

But what if an author offers you to grab a chance at wisdom but in the form of fiction? Won’t that be appealing? Won’t that be beneficial?

Don’t worry for you will not have to wait anymore as Amit Pandey in his debut book “The Retro Man” has done just that – interspersed wisdom and fiction beautifully, very adequately covering most aspects of normal human life and engulfing all kinds of relationships within one’s family and with God.

It is the story of an idealistic gentleman Neel and his life with his wife Simi, kids Ryan and Mili, and father and mother.

Neel is that sort of a man who lives his life with principles. His entire existence is run in accordance with the principles which he most adamantly adheres to.

It is his 15 year wedding anniversary and he is throwing a party at his home. He invites his friend and they soon start having a conversation which well extends beyond the party hours and ends in the early hours of the morning.

The matters that they discuss including Neel’s philosophies and wisdom on almost all aspects of life is what comprises the chunk of this book.

From relationships with parents to relationships with wife and kids and ultimately the relationship with the almighty, everything is covered in this book through Neel’s words to his friend.

The ability of the author, Amit Pandey, to weave the wisdom which he preaches into a definite story is really commendable and so is the way in which is able to connect to most of the issues bothering a normal man.

The characters and situations are indeed very identifiable and that is one reason the reader will never feel bored while reading this book.

I liked the character of Neel the most, though Simi too was charming. They both present a quite rosy and inspiring picture of what a couple should be like and there is indeed a lot which people of our generation can take away from them.

Counterarguments to Neel’s philosophy are also presented well by the way of his friend refuting and debating his philosophy at every turn.

This is good because the questions which are thus posed often reflect the doubts in the reader’s mind. These are even more convincingly allayed by Neel while furthering his point thus making his ground concrete.

Overall, “The Retro Man” is an interesting and inspiring read full of old age wisdom and contemporary situations. I definitely feel enlightened and enthralled and therefore recommend it to all my readers.

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