PLOT: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

I stumbled upon Abby’s book “The Friend Zone” during the early days of lockdown, and it was an emotional rollercoaster—I cried, laughed, and fell in love with the story. Since then, I made a promise to myself to read all of her books. I adored the other two books in the “Friend Zone” trilogy, and I was eagerly awaiting Part of Your World. Although I couldn’t get to it right away, I finally did, and I absolutely loved every moment of it.

The plot of Part of Your World (spoiler free!)

Meet Alexis Montgomery, a successful ER doctor, who one fine day finds an unexpected ally in a local carpenter, who also happens to be a mayor – Daniel Grant. A chance encounter and a wild bet lead Alexis to spend the night at Daniel’s cottage, where she’s drawn to his charm.

Imagine the shock of her life when she gets to know that Daniel is ten years her junior. He is a simple man who leads a completely different lifestyle as compared to Alexis’s uber-rich city life. Despite their age difference and contrasting lives, Alexis sees a casual one-night stand as a way to escape her past and erase the memories of her dreadful ex.

However, Alexis is soon faced with a dilemma when her parents pressure her to take over their prestigious hospital. torn between familial obligations and her blossoming relationship with Daniel, who teaches her the value of simplicity and happiness.

Caught between two worlds, Alexis struggles to find a balance. While she can’t leave her responsibilities behind, she’s also unwilling to let go of her newfound happiness with Daniel. Can Alexis find a way to bridge the gap between her two worlds and follow her heart?

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Part of Your World. In Abby’s signature style, the first chapter immediately draws you into the heart of the story and keeps you hooked until the very end.

This book explores a variety of tropes, starting with the classic opposites attract scenario. I particularly loved the dynamic between our female main character Alexis, who is ten years older than Daniel. Watching Alexis, who has always lived a privileged lifestyle, learn basic house chores from Daniel throughout the book was endearing and empowering.

The small-town romance setting adds depth to the story, showcasing a community where everyone pitches in to help one another. The theme of found family is beautifully portrayed, especially as both parents disappoint Alexis, despite her success and education.

Alexis’s character development was the highlight for me. She grapples with her desires for Daniel and his simple way of life, while also considering her moral responsibilities. Watching her stand up to her dominating ex was empowering. Daniel, on the other hand, is portrayed as a perfect gentleman, skilled in cooking and various trades—every reader’s dream guy!

Abby also tackles important themes, highlighting that abuse, whether emotional or physical, can be detrimental to one’s growth and happiness. Overcoming it is a gradual process, involving understanding, acknowledgment, and taking steps to confront it.

While there are steamy scenes throughout, this book delves into serious issues alongside the romance, making it more than just a romantic comedy. Overall, Part of Your World excels in creating multi-dimensional characters, building chemistry, and evoking all the emotions of love and longing. My suggestion to romance readers. Don’t miss out—grab your copy now!

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