PLOT: 3.5/5

Before I start this review I would happily like to state that “Palette of Love” has been my best short story book so far in this year.

I simply loved all the stories which the author has so beautifully compiled in this short and sweet book.

Ashok is a senior IT professional currently based in Bangalore who also has to his credit a doctorate degree from IIM, Bangalore. He had previously written “Curiosity Kills: the Katha” another sweet collection of short stories.

“Palette of Love” is his second book and I must say that going by what is inside of it I cannot help but crave for reading the author’s first book. I so wish for the author to send me a copy of his first book.

This book is a sum total of five short stories, with each story being unique in theme and characters. The location is mostly Bangalore. There are a total of five stories in the book and all of them are exquisite and beautiful.

Out of all five I particularly liked “Winter Rain” and “Three Murders” the most. The stories are mostly about people faced with uncommon circumstances in life. Some are cricketers, some are movie stars and directors, and some are doctors while some are just common people.

The writing style of the author is such that it brings out the best in each character.

The character of the old lady in the last story “Three Murders” touched me the most. The lady’s life is just so gloomy one can’t help but feel pity but at the same time respect for her.

The book is titled “Palette of Love” but it is the most uncommon love which is portrayed in each of these tales.

Not the cliché boy and girl love but the most unusual and yet most common in our everyday lives – love for honesty, love for money, love for social acceptance and love for companionship.

The book also deals with human misery and the does an excellent job of touching the emotional chord of the readers.

I simply loved this book and I am glad that I got a chance to review it. All of a hundred and forty-six pages, the book was an excellent read and I will gladly rate it four out of five stars and recommend it to all my readers.