PLOT: 3/5

When you pick this book up for reading, it seems like a book full of philosophy or rather, one based on the philosophy of love, life and friendship.

At least that is what I assumed about it looking at the cover. But now that I have been through the complete journey, I can confidently say NO..!! It is not at all the boring book which I thought it might turn out to be.

Vinaya Patil’s ‘One Life to Love’ is the story of four friends Saachi, Riya, Manish and Aadi. Manish is in love with Riya, but doesn’t know how to make her feel the same way about him.

Riya is blindly and hopelessly in love with the college Casanova Vidit who only intends to use her company as an amusement, and will not shy away from throwing her away from his life, once he gets bored of her.

On one hand, the love triangle of Manish, Riya and Vidit drives the story, and on the other hand, are Saachi and Aadi. Both of them, though in love with each other, are totally tangled about their feelings, and both of them do not have the nerves to express their feelings to the other.

So how do things move on? Will Saachi and Aadi wait for each other, or will they find somebody else? What will happen to Riya? Will she ever be able to see through the façade of Aadi? Will Manish be able to woo Riya?

To know this and much more, read this exciting and fun-filled novel today.

‘One Life to Love’ starts off nicely, and the initial phases help a reader to develop a keen interest in the story. The subplots of Vidit wooing Riya, and Saachi meeting and falling for Aadi are quite amusing.

Towards the middle, though, the pace slows down and becomes like any other college drama. The pranks of Manish and Saachi to pull down Vidit’s reputation in Riya’s eyes was a good idea to break down the monotony of an otherwise slow midpoint.

Towards the end again, the story picks up and surprises the reader with its fast-paced turn of events.

I liked the characters of Aadi and Saachi, and I also loved every single thing about their story – the way they met, the way they used to be and the way they could never express their feelings for each other.

I also liked Riya though she got on my nerves at times.

The book is a combination of love and friendship, and therefore it does not, at any point in time, gets too cheesy or too unruly. It has a perfect balance of all the elements of college life, and I must say that it is very nicely conceptualised and delivered.

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