No Matter What | Sally Donovan | Book Review

No Matter What Sally DonovanSUBJECT: 3.5/5

“Children do not care how much you know until they know much you care”

Children are considered to be God’s angels on Earth and a life without children is as dry as a barren land. In a world fueled by material aspirations, they are the only saviours of mankind. But not all have the privilege of their company. Some, by fate or by choice, are devoid of their companionship and it is these people this book so passionately talks about. Sally and Rob Donovan are a couple who have been trying to conceive for a long time. But even after repeated and consistent efforts when their labours fail to bear fruit, they consider adoption.

Sally Donovan writes “No Matter What” as the real story of her life as an adoptive mother. Rob and Sally bring home two beautiful kids – four-year-old Jaymey and one-year-old Harlee. The kids are siblings who have had a torturous childhood in the form of a reckless and careless mother and a series of fathers, all of whom have had a violent past. In between mother’s ignorance and makeshift-daddies’ hatred and brutality, the kids were grossly mistreated and neglected. The condition was such, that they were ultimately taken away from their mother’s care and placed in state care.

As Sally and Rob, bring home the new children, they are shocked to know about their disastrous childhood and consequences that will eventually have on the way their children will behave. The new job is no easy job, especially for Sally. Sally beautifully and very candidly presents her side of the story, by describing in vivid details the events in her life. I liked the way in which the story is presented, it is realistic and at the same time succeeds in keeping the interest of the reader.  The Kids are also very cute and one can’t help but imagine little Jaymey and Harlee strolling through the lanes of Sally and Rob’s backyard.

All of 260 pages, No Matter What is an eye-opener for all, as it describes how tough life can really be for childless couples. How insensitive one’s own best friends, families and neighbours be, in making such a couple relive the regret every single day of their life. Last but not the least, this book is definitely a must-read because it teaches us one thing which matters the most in life – that love can conquer it all. So, I recommend this book to all my non-fiction readers.

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