A project manager by the day and a poet and writer by the night, Nishant Gang is a man with many dreams and many talents. From working in one of India’s largest automobile companies to traveling to the remotest and most underrated destinations of India.

To finding beauty and solace in the most ordinary and mundane of things. And capturing that beauty in words and immortalizing it through his poems – our guy Nishant Gang does it all.

Nishant is also a blogger who shares his work on his platform nishantgang.com. In addition to English poems, he also pens Shayaris in Hindi, writes short stories on a variety of themes, pens haikus, and journals his travel escapades in a separate section on his blog.

He also maintains an active presence on his Instagram account @the_solo_gang, Facebook page @nishant.gang, and YouTube channel the_solo_gang.

On his YouTube channel, viewers and poetry lovers can find a unique mix of poetry and music. His soothing voice, mesmerizing words, and soulful music rendered through guitar (yes, he has yet another talent up his sleeve) make for an indulging experience.

Nishant published his first book Silent Words in 2020 at the young age of 25. The book has an important message for everyone.

Through his poems, the poet urges readers to give in to their silence and let their silence speak. As he says, that is the only way to connect with the true self.

His latest work Episodic Poetry: Flashes of Thoughts is a collection of 49 poems that deeply reflect upon life and its many challenges. As the poems talk about life and what it means to be alive, the reader also navigates through various emotions and ponderings along with the poet. In the process, falling in love with his words while also stumbling upon something new.

We at bookGeeks got a lucky chance for a tete-e-tete with the poet. Here is what he has to say about his latest book Episodic Poetry, his writing, and his never-ending love for words.

Tell us something about yourself. Who is Nishant as a person? What are his likes and dislikes?
An aloof about the most common of things but a keen observer of the ordinary, I am a Poet who finds his inspiration from observation. I am a combination of the organized and the chaotic, certain and the creative, bound yet free.

A project manager by profession and a writer by choice, I am Nishant, a regular bloke trying to make a name for himself in this beautiful, structured, and chaotic world.

I like to travel, compose tunes on my guitar, and write.

I am not fond of flattery, dishonesty, and a person without any passion.
Tell us something about your latest book, Episodic Poetry. What can the readers expect from it?
Episodic Poetry, written from the musings of a regular guy, has something for everyone. It talks about the things we feel but fail to ponder over, see but overlook and think but do not speak of.

49 Poems & 1 message, the book will take its reader through a journey of questioning, musing, sometimes a good cry, and mostly through smiling.
Why the title Episodic Poetry? What does it signify?
Life is a collection of days and days are our self-directed Episodes where we do not control the script, cast, and storyline.

Since the book touches upon topics that are taken from the days of any common person, the title Episodic Poetry seemed fit.

It signifies that every day carries a Poem with it, meant specifically for you. Write your own Episodic Poetry.
While you are at it, also tell us about your debut work Silent Words. How do you perceive you have evolved as a poet?
Silent Words will always hold a special place in my life for it was my first book. It emphasized the topics we fail to put to words (a subset of Episodic Poetry if you may).

I have become more observant, patient, courageous, and serious with my Poetic lens. I do have a long way to go and wish to reach an even wider crowd but from being a nobody to getting recognized by a complete stranger due to my books, all I can say is I am still a Poet in the making.
Your biggest strength?
My perseverance.
Your greatest weakness?
My spoken words, born out of an impatient and stubborn mind.
One quote that never fails to inspire you?
“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”
― Aristotle
In your opinion, what should be done to better connect poets and poetry enthusiasts in today’s India?
A platform for Poets and Poetry of different topics, genres, and styles should be provided and encouraged. I feel that most sellable Poetry revolves around limited topics. Each Poet specializes in a different style and topic and thus many fail to get the due attention and readers they should.
Tell us about the other writing that you do? Travel writing, short stories, Hindi poetry, etc. Which one of these do you dedicate the most time to?
Apart from Poetry, I dedicate a good amount of my time to Short Stories.
Your favourite travel destination?
Anywhere near the Mountains. I am a full Mountain lover.
As an engineer employed in one of the biggest automobile companies in the country, how do you strike a balance between the mechanical and the emotional? Do you also find ways to express your creative self in your professional sphere?
As I mentioned earlier, I am a combination of both the Mechanical and the emotional. I don’t work towards managing both aspects of mine for they complement each other.
Whenever the organized and disciplined [corporate] side feels too tired, the chaotic, free and creative side takes over and vice versa.

Yes, cross-over does happen quite often. When it does, the result is almost always fun. I love to contribute to my work while keeping my creative hat on!
As a poet, where do you see yourself five years from now?
With time, I wish to gain more readers of my Poetry and thus connect with people at a level that requires no sound but only Poetry. I aim to write and write and simply write more Poems.
Any new projects that you are currently working on?
Currently, I am working on the promotion of Episodic Poetry. I have also retreated to my blog (The Poet and the Pen; nishantgang.com) where it all started. I am taking things light for now but will start with my new Project soon in 2022!

Stay Tuned and Thank You 🙂

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