Murderous Greed | Arun K Nair | Book Review

Murderous GreedPLOT: 4/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

My Musings

I am a big fan of Indian crime thrillers and I really love it when I discover hidden gems. A few previously-unheard-of crime thrillers that I came to love are Based on Lies It Begins, The Mahabharata Murders and 3 and a Half Murders. Just like the beforementioned, Murderous Greed was yet another crime thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Genre

Murderous Greed, as stated above, is a crime thriller. It can also be termed as a murder mystery more specifically.

What is the Story like?

In a small township of Avadi one morning a woman suffers a fatal accident at the hands of a chain snatcher. She immediately succumbs to her injuries. Not far away, an upcoming infrastructure tycoon is gunned by bikers on his way back from office. The only witness to this crime is his secretary, Drishti who informs the police of the incident.

In a town which has rarely seen any mishap, two murders in a day arouse suspicions. The responsibility to unravel the mystery behind these two seemingly exclusive incidents falls on the shoulders of Inspector Satyajit. Soon, Inspector Satyajit finds himself getting to the bottom of a crime whose clues lead to the very underbelly of organized crimes – a gun club, a business-politics nexus, and much more.

How is the Plot?

The plot of Murderous Greed is nicely conceived. As the pages turn by, the mysteries of the story are revealed layer by layer. There are multiple subplots which add to the suspense and the entertainment quotient of the book.

What about the Author’s Writing Style?

The writing style of Arun Nair is decent. He makes use of a simple language which is easily understood. His main focus is on creating thrill and that is aptly achieved. The fact that he is able to write a good thriller in just over 200 pages speaks a lot about his skills as a writer. In the end, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters.

Were the Characters good?

I simply loved the characters. The main characters are very well written and their character introductions are also very good. I loved how a few seemingly unimportant characters were given a strong presence towards the end. I also loved the back stories of Drishti and Karthik. Overall, the characters were all an amusing bunch.

How was the Climax?

The climax of Murderous Greed is unpredictable and gives a befitting end to the story. I liked the way the reader is left clueless right till the end. It is something which every thriller reader aspires for.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Murderous Greed is an entertainer. It is a nicely written short read with some interesting characters and well-executed plots, together, all of which succeed in telling us an intriguing crime story.

What did I Love?

I loved the way the book cover and the blurb were able to create excitement from the very beginning. That the story inside also lived up to it was also commendable. The climax was also something which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What I did not Like

There were a couple of editing mistakes which earned the book some negative points. Apart from this, I did not find any major flaws in the book.

Who should read it?

Readers who enjoy crime thrillers/murder mysteries.

Readers who enjoy simple and short reads.

Readers who do not read many crime thrillers in a year.

Who should skip it?

Readers who read a lot of crime fictions because that would mean comparing Murderous Greed with some of their best reads. While it is a good read, it’s a not a five-star rated one (great read) hence it will be unfair to compare it to the likes of those.

Can’t wait to read it? Grab your copy at the link below.

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  1. Dear Sankalpita , I like the way you give the reviews of any book..It raises the excitement to read that particular book..and in fact , mystery is my favourite I constantly follow you when u come up with any new book in that genere.You give full insights into the story but keeping the main plot and climax under the wraps??..Keep blogging..


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