Your beliefs can ruin you financially. Or they can set you up for life. Change your beliefs, change everything.”

Ankur Warikoo, Make Epic Money

Bestselling author of “Do Epic Shit” and “Get Epic Shit Done”, Ankur Warikoo, brings us his latest practical guide, “Make Epic Money”. Just like Ankur’s previous books and his online presence, this book talks to you. Reading it feels like a conversation with the author. Right from page one, it engages you as if Ankur is speaking directly to you, making it far from the typical, often tedious, non-fiction read. It doesn’t get boring even one bit and keeps you hooked.

To start, as Ankur himself mentions, this book isn’t like other bestsellers on the market, such as those by Morgan Housel, which too are on a similar topic. Nonetheless, “Make Epic Money” holds its own and works quite well in its unique way.

So, what is this book about?

First off, the book kicks off by explaining how money came into existence and what it helps us achieve. Sure, money lets us buy good food, comfort, safety, experiences, and healthcare, and it gives us peace of mind. But most importantly, it gives us the freedom to choose what we want to do, how we want to do it, and when we want to do it!

One of the key messages of this book is that we should stop working for money and instead make money work for us. In this competitive world, a professional degree will help you earn money, sure enough, but financial literacy is what will truly help you build wealth. It’s a crucial life skill that helps you avoid costly mistakes.

One common mistake people make is not having a safety net like savings, lacking future planning, being buried in loans, or even spending more than they earn.

The author does an excellent job of explaining the fundamental difference between assets and liabilities, which is the first step in money-making. He emphasizes the importance of passive income in addition to an active income in today’s age, which is not just vital but necessary for financial stability.

Let’s delve deeper

Make Epic Money serves as a perfect friendly guide for youngsters, whether they’re still studying or just starting a job as it would help clear up many relevant doubts about credit cards, loans, and equity, at the same time, offering valuable insights to become smart investors.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take a loan, and people may feel burdened because of it. This book provides practical guidance and helps in better planning in this regard. It offers useful tips that ease one’s mind and help plan for repayment more effectively.

Offering insights about savings and investments

Saving money is a common desire that many of us have, but many people struggle with knowing how and where to start their savings game. This book addresses this common problem by offering a simple yet comprehensive guide to various saving and investing options.

From Fixed Deposits and PPF to gold, mutual funds, corporate bonds, real estate, stock market trading, and even cryptocurrency, it covers a wide range of options, catering to different risk levels and preferences.

After providing information about each option, readers can confidently choose what works best for them. Additionally, the book offers tips on how to begin investing, empowering even novices to start their journey with confidence.

The book also includes a basic yet effective financial plan based on different age and income groups. This offers a great starting point for individuals. Additionally, it doesn’t shy away from discussing common mistakes people make in investing. By addressing potential pitfalls and mistakes, readers gain a more comprehensive understanding of the factors to consider before diving into investments.

Read this book if you are a newbie in your investment game, and want to get more info about investing and making more money. This book will be your perfect friendly guide.

You don’t have to read the entire book from page to page. You can read a few pages, reflect on it, and come back for more. Each chapter stands independently, so you can dive into any topic that piques your interest.

Take my word, “Make Epic Money” will surely start your journey to financial independence and wealth building.

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