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love bi the wayPLOT: 3.5/5

Bisexuality is still a taboo topic in India. Indian society is still sceptical and rather evasive about it.

But it’s a reality and it’s better to come to terms with it sooner than later; after all, everybody has an equal right to live.

Who are we to judge someone and prescribe to them norms for living.

Bhaavna Arora’s “Love Bi the Way” explores the topic in detail and does so with the help of a wonderfully woven story.

Zara and Rihana are two girls who came across each other by some chance encounter and their friendship hit off almost instantaneously.

They were just that – good friends. Both had had deep scars from their earlier lives. While Rihana was more like a free bird; (she liked to have random encounters with men), Zara was a caged one; her cage was self-made and she had never tried to give love a second chance.

The story takes us on a roller coaster ride which spans across their various trysts with men and the world. It shows us what their life is all about and what they might be missing.

It also teasingly keeps the readers away from their well-kept secrets. Their darkest of fears and scars are hinted at throughout the book but only revealed towards the end.

For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I think it is apt to conclude the story summarising here. What happens afterwards is for you to know when you read the book. I can only suggest that you should.

I have had the opportunity to read Bhaavna Arora’s earlier work, Mistress of Honour, also.

Even then I had found her writing quite entertaining and meaningful. This book was also no different and while I was reading the last few lines, I was silently wishing for the book to not end so soon.  

As you might have already gauged, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and fell in love with both the characters.

“Love Bi the Way” has a unique theme and an interesting storyline. It also has a set of other interesting characters apart from the main ones.

They keep the action in place and lend authenticity to the lives of the main characters. Like I have already stated in the earlier paragraphs, the author has done a very good job of teasing the reader regarding the dark secrets of Zara & Rihana.

That keeps the interest up at all points. Based in an urban and contemporary setting and focusing mainly on relationships as its theme, the book is quite relatable also.

I suggest one should not take the cover and the title very seriously. They are meant to only lure the reader to buy the book.

It is not an erotic read, neither is it a romantic one. It is about love and the kind of love which is not bound to the physical gratification of one’s needs.

“Love Bi the Way” will find more readers in contemporary urban Indian women since the characters portray them.

But still, I will suggest it as a good read to anyone looking for good fiction. I end this review by rating the book four out of five stars while recommending it to all my readers.

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