Preeti Shenoy’s It’s All in the Planets is a fresh and unique love story

PLOT: 4/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

Love is a strange thing. It has the power to make you or break you. I am sure almost all of us have been through this phenomenon once in our lives and hence we all know what a joy or pain love can be.

Preeti Shenoy is one of the few Indian writers who has moved away from the classic and time-tested recipe of college love and has ventured to explore this feeling called love in its deeper depths.

Her characters are varied and so are her plots and she has a knack for repeatedly delivering to her readers, love stories which melt our hearts.

“It’s All in the Planets” is no different. It is a very fresh and unique love story which transcends age and geographical boundaries and makes you go all “gooey” in the heart.

Aniket is a young techie living in Bangalore. He is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary girlfriend.

Super sexy and part-time model Trisha (a.k.a Trish) is dating Aniket but isn’t too happy about his boring hobbies and a protruding beer belly.

They had sure hit it off well at the start but things have not been going well for the last couple of months. Trish has a list of things which she wants Aniket to work on and he has no choice but to agree.

Nidhi is a sweet lady of thirty-two, who left a very promising and lucrative corporate job to follow her heart and passion. She now runs a cute little therapeutic clay modelling class and does part-time content writing.

She met Manoj a couple of years back and fell in love. Now being engaged to get married, she is not very happy with the way things are going with Manoj.

For firsts, he doesn’t get the fact why Nidhi left her job for pursuing her passion.

Secondly, he dismisses any writing which isn’t for a magazine or a publication as useless, thus continuously discounting anything Nidhi likes or does as futile.

“It’s All in the Planets” is the story of how these four characters and these two love stories coincide to bring a permanent change in the lives of all these people.

A chance encounter brings together Nidhi and Aniket and that sets sail a whole new course.

Will Aniket and Nidhi find happiness in their partners? Will Trish and Manoj mend their ways and accept their lovers for what they are and not try and change them into what they desire?

What will happen and who will find who is only for you to find out.

The best part of the book is undoubtedly its characters.

Aniket and Nidhi are both lovable while Subbu (the friend) is quite entertaining with his techie logics. Trish is fascinating to read about while Manoj invokes a feeling of resentment and anger.

I also liked the way Preeti has carved out a very strong plot with a very entertaining narrative. The compelling story made me finish the book in flat five hours.

The climax, though predictable, has an interesting twist which is quite surprising. I also liked the way the name of the book has an inherent role to play in the story.

Preeti has very cleverly and smartly made good use of the astrology theme. The story is told from the point of view of Aniket (a Leo) and Nidhi (a Sagittarius).

The start of each of their chapters with the horoscope of Aniket and Nidhi respectively is a perfect example of Preeti’s writing skills.

I also liked the way Darshita Sen, the astrologer was made to play a small yet powerful role towards the end.

All in all “It’s All in the Planets” is a beautiful read and I will definitely recommend it to all lovers of Indian fiction. I now end this review by rating it a four out of five stars.

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