PLOT: 3.5/5

Replete with all the classic ingredients of a masala romance novel, this novel offers you everything which will make sure that you enjoy reading every single page out of it.

With the “Plain Jane” heroine Cassie Bowtell and handsome & suave Hart Huntingdon, “Irresistible Enemy” puts together two of the cutest people imaginable and make turn them into the cutest people you would have read about in the recent times.

Cassie is a sweet girl, who once having faced rejection and heartbreak at the hands of her would-be husband, on the supposed day of her wedding, has now sworn her hands off men.

Besides, she is too busy rescuing and looking after the native animals of her land Diggers Creek, to ever bother about and find time for the opposite sex.

The land vast provided by her grandmother gives her enough space and the small-time e-retail website gives her enough money to care for her beloved animals.

But when all of sudden, news flows in about a top-notch developer seeking entry into her secret haven, she is left dumbstruck.

The fact that the company seeking to destroy her peaceful land is led by the handsome and suave gentleman Hart Huntingdon does little to console Cassie out of her woes.

So what will Cassie do? Will she be able to safeguard her humble abode? Will she ever come to term with the fact that maybe she is hopelessly in love with her sworn enemy? Will she be able to forget Dane, the guy who left her at the altar and will she ever find love again?

To know this and more, you should read this short and sweet novel.

What I liked best about “Irresistible Enemy” was the plot, simple and uncomplicated, it was way away from monotonous and indeed very well executed.

The story at no point of time seemed slow and at the end of every page, I kept on going for more.

The character of Cassie was simply out of the world. It is indeed true that these days, you don’t really get to see such a selfless being. With her unkempt hair and her plain Jane looks, she was the best part of the book.

I also liked Hart Huntingdon with his deadly good looks and irresistible charm; he is surely the man of every girl’s dream.

The icing on the cake is his selfless and caring nature and the fact that he is least interested in the high society glam dolls that usually haunt his social and business circles.

Overall, “Irresistible Enemy” was a natural pleaser and I would rate it three and a half out of five stars and recommend it to all my readers who have a flair for sweet and cute love stories.