PLOT: 3.5/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Three months of procrastinating. Two months of notice period. And now it’s finally time for me to leave.”[/perfectpullquote]

I am a huge fan of chick-lit. These light-hearted reads make all your worries and pain go away.

Chick-lit is my go-to genre especially when I am terribly ill or feeling low. Because what better way to bring that smile back on your face than a funny and candid chick-lit?

“I Quit! Now What?” is one such book which I enjoyed thoroughly.

The book was sent to me by the publisher Amaryllis and just one look at the blurb was enough for me to agree for a copy. Though the cover might not say so, the book is a fun and engaging read.

“I Quit! Now What?” is the story of a marketing professional Nimisha who, after having worked 7 years with her current company, is still not treated the way she deserves to be treated and that makes her upset.

Constantly burned down with overloaded work, overflowing office hours and countless mundane presentations, she hardly has any time for herself at the end of the day.

Even her weekends aren’t hers to spend, often taken up by some urgent official work or another.

In the midst of such chaos, when a colleague decides to take a sabbatical for a few months, Nimisha finds herself wondering and even tempted at the possibility of taking a break herself.

After much thought and deliberation, she decides to take the plunge and let things be.

But will the alleged sabbatical hold onto the promises it showed? Will the real deal be as good as the dream of it? Will Nimisha go bankrupt or will she rise above her financial struggles?

To know what happens to Nimisha after the sabbatical, read this entertaining novel today!

The plot and premise of “I Quit! Now What?” are quite simple.

There are a few subplots, but the focus is always Nimisha and her struggles. The way it all comes together, in the end, is indeed praiseworthy.

There is no complexity or unnecessary fuss in the storyline and that is what makes this an easy and entertaining read.

The characters of the book are mostly an adorable bunch.

Nimisha is your typical chick-lit heroine; the “damsel-in-perpetual-distress” types but even that makes her endearing to the reader.

Her close circle comprising of friends, sister, nieces, and a few work colleagues is a fun bunch too; one that lends variety and spice to an otherwise simple story.

Zarreen Khan manages to convince us of her talent as a good writer.

Her style is simple and non-fussy with a heightened emphasis on the “distress” card of its main character.

The narration is simple and easy flowing too with humour intermingled with light anticipatory romance.

What makes her writing click is the ease with which the readers get acquainted with the characters and the way these characters are all so relatable.

The climax is yet another thing which sets this book apart from the rest.

Unlike most other chick-lits where the climax can be worked out much before the actual end, in the case of this book the reader is sent for a toss when it ends on an entirely unexpected premise.

The climax turns out to be quite different from the “obvious” and “apparent” and that is indeed incredible.

My only issue with this book was its not-so-appealing cover. The cover was honestly a dampener and it made the book look like a dull and business-like read.

With all the post-its posted (pun intended!) on the cover, it sure looked like a “how to be an entrepreneur?” or a “quit working and start enterprising” kind of a read.

Overall, the book turns out to be a delightful read; one which will bring the promised smile on your face and one which will, even if, for a few hours take your worries away.

I, therefore, rate it four out five stars in entertainment quotient and recommend it to all chick-lit lovers.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy “I Quit! Now What?” from the link below!