Lilly Singh needs no introductions. Everybody knows her. So, I guess pretty much everyone knows that she just recently came out with her book “How to be a Bawse” in a truly superwoman style.

This is the woman who rules YouTube and is an inspiration to many YouTubers around the world.

Just to give my readers an idea of her achievements, Lilly Singh has 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and over a billion views on her videos.

Unlike what many people thought this book to be, “How to be a Bawse” is not an autobiography.

It is a self-help book which helps you tread effectively on the path to survival and success.

The book consists of 50 chapters which are clubbed into 4 categories – Master Your Mind, Hustle Harder, Make Heads Turn and Be a Unicorn.

At the end of each of these parts, there is an interesting section called “Out of the Blue” where Lilly actually tells us a little about her coming out of her own “blues”.

The book comes especially handy when one is looking for sound success advice but not in the otherwise dull and monotonous way.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The book is as entertaining as it is helpful and that is what makes it such a winner. The writing comes with the signature camaraderie and wit which Lilly is so known for.[/perfectpullquote]

She instantly establishes a connection with her readers offline just like she does with her audience online. I loved the way the book is so colourful and vibrant, with beautiful pictures strewn in throughout the course of the book.

While some of the chapters may sound a little cliché, doling out the same advice which many other such books do.

There is a lot of creativity which has gone into the written content.

So, you have really amusing chapter names like Play Nintendo, Send the GPS Deep, Be the Dumbest, Shake what your Mama gave Ya and You are a Chameleon.

In case you are wondering, these chapters are indeed about success and conquering!

There are certain chapters where Lilly tries to make you learn things differently or rather make you undo and relearn things with newer perspective and though this might be shocking, I completely get her point and find myself willing to adhere to it.

Just to give you one example of her wise counsel – Have only Plan A, don’t have a Plan B to fall back on. She challenges conventional thinking but does so in a convincing way.

“How to be a Bawse” is indeed an outstanding read but there are certain things which made me complain.

For example, the book had a lot of candid snippets from her own life but I did not have enough and was craving for more.

A little more sprinkling of her personal stories would have done wonders for my reading pleasure. Also, though the book has a lot of good pictures in it, their sheer number is a little too much for my liking.

That being said, I want to state that irrespective of these minor flaws I totally loved this book. It was not only helpful for me as a YouTuber but also as a person.

And hence, if you are looking for some easy breezy self-help book, I recommend you read “How to be a Bawse”.

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