PLOT: 3/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

Simple and cute romance stories are always a treat to read. I was looking for kindle unlimited titles in the romance genre, on my kindle paperwhite when I came across “Girl from Fatehpur” by Sarita Varma.

It both sounded and looked interesting, and hence I soon downloaded it. If you ask me whether this book met my expectations, no it did not.

I was a little disappointed but nevertheless, it is a decent read and a really cute one at that. My expectations, as I later pondered over were due to the very promising looking cover and title.

The story is about a young girl Sana (or Sanjana, as her actual name goes) who is originally a resident of Fatehpur, a quaint little town near the bustling city of Allahabad.

Almost a decade ago, Sanjana opened her heart to Rajan, a south Indian who back then, also lived in Fatehpur. But Rajan was older, more mature and not interested and hence he jokingly brushed away her innocent proposal.

Now, after a decade Sanjana who has become a high shot professional in Mumbai and Rajan who runs a successful business in the United States meet at a wedding in Fatehpur.

As they spend time with each other, they discover that they have feelings for each other.

So will Rajan and Sanjana find love? Will Rajan propose?

Well, not so easy because in the same equation there is another character Krish – Sanjana’s colleague from Mumbai and her wooer.

Will Krish be able to woo Sanjana or will she find solace only in the company and arms of Rajan?

That is only for you guys to know when you read this book.

I liked the fact that “Girl from Fatehpur” is based in a small town.

Most popular Indian fiction stories these days are based in the metros and hence this was really a pleasant surprise (maybe this was what made me download this book too).

The story and the plot are really simple. There are two boys and one girl and it is a sort of love triangle. The simplicity of the narration makes this book a very easy and breezy read.

I also liked the portrayal of Rajan and his character.

Setting the story in the backdrop of a wedding was also clever writing. Indian weddings always make for an interesting read, what with all the drama, fashion, gossip and makeup; they are anything but dull.

I also liked the way the world-famous Kumbh Mela was incorporated in the plot. That definitely made the story livelier.

The last one is quite surprising and this cannot be said of 99% romance novels in India – The end was quite unpredictable.

A very predictable end is always the case with almost all other Indian romance novels but not with this one. I mean, yes, the girl meets the guy and all that but how exactly it would happen and when would it happen were totally un-guessable. That for me was a bumper bonanza.

So all in all, “Girl from Fatehpur” is a fair one time read and readers looking for a simple and easy romance read should give it a try. I end this book by rating it three out of five stars and with hopes of reading the next book from the author’s kitty soon.

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