SUBJECT: 3.5/5

No part of our lives can be as colourful and as vivid as college life.

We make mistakes, date ass*****, bunk lectures, flaunt fake accents, try to dress up like that hot male/female supermodel, and end up making a fool of ourselves.

We make friends, we date friends, we kiss friends and eventually, we hate friends. Somewhere, in all this high octane drama and affair, we also try hard to create a career path for ourselves.

Thus, college is that vital part of our lives which can make or break the future us.

So what to do when things go haywire? Which college to choose and which to say no to? How to survive the freshman year? How to make the most out of ragging?

Whom to seek in those tricky times of high college drama or damsel in distress situations? How to straighten our lives and the career ahead, in the midst of all that chaos and pressure?

How to know where to draw the line? What to do or not to do in certain situations? How to get the girl/boy of your dreams? How to become the king/queen of dating and relationships?

How to know when and where to stop in a relationship? How to make the most of our hostel life? How to rock the incessant parties in true rock star style? Then lastly, how to get ready for the next phase of our lives?

Unfortunately for me, Clyde D’Souza is late by two years in creating his masterpiece Ghanta College and I am getting to learn all about this college stuff now, when I should rather have kidnapped the author and made him write all this all-fun-no-crap-thingy, way back then.

But don’t you worry, for this is not a limited edition or limited access version and is available for all to get hold of.

The book answers all your questions on college life in a candid and hilariously funny way. For even though, I am way beyond my college life, I simply couldn’t resist the laugh-your-heart situations which this book, so generously offers.

Getting to the serious stuff now, Ghanta College offers a much realistic and practical take on all things college. The answers to all the tricky and nerve-wracking questions mentioned above in the second paragraph can be expected in this book.

The writing style is really impressive and offers you no incentive to fall asleep while reading the book.

The added bonus is the cover, which is really impressive, creative, vibrant and funky. Complete with super cool diagrams on most of the topics relevant to college life, this is absolute fun and an easy read.

All of 236 pages, Ghanta College can easily be done in 2 hours, however, my suggestion to all readers will be to take it slow and take your learning back home.

So, wait no more and get hold of your handy college agony aunt/mentor today.