STORY: 4.5/5
WRITING: 4.5/5

“Granny and Mani stood on the summit of the mountain. They had it all to themselves. Their village was hidden from them by the range to the north. Far below rushed the river. Far above circled a golden eagle. In the distance, on the next mountain, the houses of Mussoorie were white specks on the dark green hillside.”

– Ruskin Bond, Getting Granny’s Glasses

My musings

Ruskin Bond is my go-to author whenever I am looking for comfort reads. The fact that his stories never fail to vow comes as an added bonus. While looking for Mr. Bond’s books for children, I came across the beautifully illustrated Getting Granny’s Glasses, a Puffin Chapter Book.

Read on to know more about the book and about my experience of reading it.

What to expect?

Expect a short read of under 50 pages. Expect an illustrated read that is ideal for children 6 years and above. Expect a book that narrates a simple story of a boy and his granny who embark on an arduous journey to fix her glasses. Expect a book that is set in the picturesque Himalayas and teaches us a thing or two about simple living.

The story as it goes

Mani, along with his father and granny, lives in a small village in the Himalayas, which is about a two-days journey from the bigger town of Mussoorie. The last time his Granny had gotten her glasses was ten years ago, and both Mani and his father know that Granny’s glasses have gone beyond repair and need to be replaced urgently.

The only thing, Granny is reluctant to leave Mani behind. But when Mani agrees to come along with her, she agrees willingly, even making plans to buy other things from the Mussoorie market.

As they both embark on the onerous but picturesque journey, they come across things and experiences that are uniquely Himalayan. From wild berries to beautiful barbets, hordes of mules, to incessant drizzle, quaint village temples, to unavoidable landscapes, their journey is full of adventures and uncertainty. But everything is fair in the quest for Getting Granny’s Glasses.

The writing

As always, the writing immediately transports you to the beautiful Himalayan countryside with its quaint villages and awe-inspiring snow-capped landscapes. The story reminds one of a simple yet fulfilling life, and one cannot help but time travel along with Mani and his Granny. Mr. Bond’s love for nature is quite evident in this one as well, as is his fondness for the slow-paced life.

What did I love?

The reader reads, cherishes, and enjoys the joys of simple living just like Mani and his granny. The ending is heart-warming and simple. No flashy climaxes, no cliff-hangers, no fast-paced drama, but an ending nevertheless. 

A simple, wholesome ending that leaves you longing for a time and world that you may have never witnessed. A must-read recommendation for children and adults alike, it is Ruskin Bond at its best.

Pick the book if

Skip the book if

  • Well, I cannot think of any reason here.

Can’t wait to read it Buy your copy of Getting Granny’s Glasses using the link below.