Romance Novels

Loathe to Love You by Ali Hazelwood Book

Loathe to Love You | Ali Hazelwood | Book Review

Ali Hazelwood, the brilliant author of the bestselling novel, The Love Hypothesis, has once again left us spellbound with her latest literary creation, Loathe to Love You. This time, Hazelwood brings to life a collection of three novellas, each featuring powerful women in STEM.
As we dive into the world of Loathe to Love You, we are introduced to a trio of the closest of friends, each of whom is an engineer by profession. Despite their intelligence and success, these women have a shared disdain for the notion of love.

The Spanish Love Deception Elena Armas Book

The Spanish Love Deception | Elena Armas | Book Review

It’s the big great wedding in the family and Catalina Martin now needs a date to shut up all the gossip mongers and the inquisitive relatives in the family. Her white lies about the so-called American boyfriend are now beyond control, and now everyone and their mother (including her ex-boyfriend) are waiting to meet this new guy in her life. Except that such a person simply does not exist. Now, she has exactly four weeks to find a man who will agree to fly with her to Spain and help rescue her from the mess that she has got herself into.

Delirium Lauren Oliver Book

Delirium | Lauren Oliver | Book Review

There was once a time when love was considered to be a good thing. It was welcomed and celebrated. But that was until the scientists found its cure. Earlier people never understood the dangers of love. The disasters that it brings and the way it controls your entire being. This love – a deliria – offers no respite, no hope for those who are inflicted. But things have changed now. Scientists have finally found the cure for love. All the residents of the United States are encouraged, or more so compelled to take the cure when they turn eighteen.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover Book

It Ends with Us | Colleen Hoover | Book Review

Lily is a small-town girl with big dreams who decides to leave her small-town life in Maine and move to Boston. Before long, Lily stumbles upon the handsome and charming Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon making the big bucks. Even though everything is going great with Ryle, Lily seems to hang on to thoughts of Atlas, the guy who was her first love; the guy who really understood her.
And now, when Atlas seems to have magically reappeared in her life, the carefully built relationship that she has with Ryle seems threatened.

Thank You For Listening by Julia Whelan Book Review

Thank You for Listening | Julia Whelan | Book Review

Once a mega Hollywood star in the making, Sewanee’s life came crashing down after an unfortunate accident. Now years later, Sewanee has finally found her place in the audiobook industry and is a successful audiobook narrator. But she doesn’t do romance, because of the simple fact that she doesn’t believe any of it to be true. However, when it is revealed that a now-dead romance author, whom Sewanee dearly loved and admired, wants her to pair up with the hottest male voice in the world of romance – Brock McNight, Sewanee reluctantly agrees.

The Do-Over by Lynn Painter Book Review

The Do-Over | Lynn Painter | Book Review

Emilie Hornby is your regular teenager with regular problems. When things go horribly wrong on a particular Valentine’s Day – what with her catching her boyfriend cheating on her, being delivered heart-shattering news on the home front, and being told that she actually did not make it to the scholarship that she had been looking forward to – things could hardly go any more downhill. So, when the day is finally over, she is glad that it is. Except, it isn’t.

The Stationery Shop of Tehran Marjan Kamali Book Review

The Stationery Shop of Tehran | Marjan Kamali | Book Review

As the 1950s began, Iran was welcoming a revolution. Their new Prime Minister brought in numerous reforms. There was education, dance, art, and freedom. As is the case with every politician, he too had both – staunch supporters and enemies. For young Roya and Bahman who shared similar political ideologies, marriage was the imminent plan. But fate had other plans for them.

When I Am With You by Durjoy Datta Book

When I am With You | Durjoy Datta | Book Review

Aishwarya, at twenty-eight years old, wants to be a single mother rather than fit into a traditional family structure. It’s not that she hasn’t tried but just so far it hasn’t seemed to work for her. Smart, highly intelligent, and equally ambitious, she has her eyes on two goals, both of which she wants to achieve at all costs. Enter Dhiren who takes up the 1st floor of Aishwarya’s building. A chance coincidence forces them to work closely with each other until a dreadful accident ruins everything that they have done so far.

When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmers Book

When I Lost You | Kelly Rimmer | Book Review

Leo, is a war journalist, from an Aboriginal background and Molly, is the daughter of a famous business tycoon. They fall in love while confiding in each other about their past grief and married each other despite their differences. What will happen when they will have to go through the worst side of marriage and relationship, will their love for each other will be enough?

Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane Book Review

Mad About You | Mhairi McFarlane | Book Review

Harriet Hatley is a popular and well-established wedding photographer whose notions of love are in stark contrast with her career. She simply doesn’t understand romance and hates the very idea of marriage. She has been in a steady 2-year-old relationship with her boyfriend but when he proposes marriage, she panics, eventually leading to a breakup. Now, not only Harriet is single but she also needs a place to live.

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry Book Review

People We Meet on Vacation | Emily Henry | Book Review

Poppy & Alex are total opposites of each other. Poppy is the wild, carefree child, and Alex the ever-so-dependent and responsible one. They have been spending all their vacations together until 2 years ago, something falls apart. Now, there is one last chance to get on a vacation, and finally let love find its way.