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Feral Laxmi HariharanPLOT: 4.5/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

I just recently discovered the wonderful world of Juggernaut. This mobile reading app has come as a boon to me. Though I am an avid Kindle reader, it is often the case that as I am just about to lie in bed for a night ahead of a literary adventure, my battery dies on me leaving me anxious and alone. In such situations, Juggernaut has time and again proved to be my indispensable friend.

Laxmi Hariharan is a London based writer who is well known for her Many Lives Series. Feral (Many Lives #1) is a spinoff from the Many Lives universe and is the first in the spinoff series. The story is of a young girl Maya who lives in a world where humans and hybrids (werewolves) live together. Since humans perceive the hybrids as dangerous, they are now quickly becoming extinct. One such hybrid community is driven out of their home in Europe and they come and settle down in Bombay.

However, given the delicate dynamics of human- hybrid relations, hybrids are only to live in the outskirts and not inside the city. Maya is a human who has been brought up by hybrids. When she grows old and realizes the fact that her family is not actually the real one, she leaves the werewolf community and her lover Luke and sets out on a search for her true parents.

What she discovers and uncovers in the process is truly surprising. So what will Maya find? Will she ever go back to Luke? Or will the new guy be a strong fascination for her? What will happen to Maya eventually? To know this and much more about Feral, a wonderful tale of love and hate.

The best part of the Feral (Many Lives #1) is its plot. The two species, perpetually at war but still coexisting side by side in an often tensed scenario, is an excellent background for a racy read. Even better is the place of all the action – Bombay, which is a pleasant change from the usual European and American settings in case of vampire and werewolf literature.

I also liked the character of Maya. Though confused and a bit irritating at times, she is an ideal woman – independent and full of passion. Luke, however, is a different story altogether. He is the epitome of the perfect macho man – hard exterior with a soft interior. He is one of the most charming male characters I have ever read about.

Feral (Many Lives #1) is rather a small book. It is, in fact, a novella. The story moves at a fast pace throughout and the book is easily doable in 2 hours. The climax is compelling too and succeeds in teasing the reader in anticipation of what will happen next. It leaves a fair and compelling ground for the next book which I hope to read very soon. All in all, the book is a good read and thus comes as a recommended read from me. I end this review by rating the book four out of five stars.

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