PLOT: 3.5/5

Fall Line is the first book in the downhill series and is the story of a fifteen-year-old Chris who has only one goal in life- that to qualify for his district skiing team.

Every day until today has been a day nearer to attaining his goal and now this year is the one which matters the most for this is the selection year.

The exciting fact is that Chris is not alone for his best friend since childhood Tilly is also appearing for the selections and she has been in great form too.

Thus, all looks well and glittery until Chris meets Jenna. Jenna with her massive curves and a face to die for is Chris’s friend Mike’s step sister and has very recently started dating Chris.

But instead of moving forward, Chris’s life has taken a backseat. What with the booze parties and their consistent making out, Chris is rarely not hungover and has hardly any time left for his practices and for his best friend Tilly; Tilly who too is slowly drifting away.

If Chris continues to behave this way, he can say his life dream a goodbye.

So what will Chris do? Will he realise that Jenna is no good? Will he be able to focus on his practices? And will he be able to retain Tilly’s friendship? And what about the strange awkward sparks which fly between Chris and Tilly when they are together? Will he be able to dodge them or will they become a thing?

To know this and much more about Chris’s story read this fun-filled and adventurous novel today!

Fall Line has a strong story which is beautifully narrated by the author.

The story is a unique one for me for having lived in the plains of northern India and having had absolutely zero contact with the thing called snow in my 25+ years of life, I don’t have much to say on the subject.

Thus reading about skiing was an absolute first for me and a quite adventurous one too. The characters of Chris and Tilly are adorable and charming.

Tilly has a nice way about her which rubs well with readers like me who would any day prefer her heroine to be tom-boyish as opposed to a glam doll one.

I also liked the character of Jenna whose bitch quotient though not so high does provide a bit of fun and glamour to the story and adds extra spice to the Chris-Tilly love angle.

Chris’s mom is a welcome character too and is fun to read about. The narrations and the writing style are simple and that makes the book an easy and breezy read for the readers.

The ending, though a little predictable, is well delivered and has a happy note to it.

Overall, Fall Line is a smooth read and I really look forward to reading the next part. I rate the book three out of five stars and recommend this book to all young readers.