PLOT: 3/5

Even though we all hate our jobs, most of us will do just about anything to keep them, and this will be especially true in cases when someone has already been thrown out of jobs several times in a row.

Such is a case which presents itself to Arjun Palani, wherein he has no option but to accept to do the unthinkable in order to keep his job and respect on the table.

Arjun Palani, a techie working for a software company based in Chennai faced a strange situation when one fine day he is summoned by the top management of his company and asked to take a strange job.

The tasks handed over to him include procuring ganja, kidnapping a girl descended from warrior chieftains and challenging and battling the mercenaries of a private equity goliath.

Adding to the weirdness and mystery of these bizarre assignments is the nudging feeling of something fishy happening on the eighth floor of the company’s main headquarters.

Arjun has a strange feeling that somebody or something is being held in captivation on the eighth floor, right next to the room where his top management had summoned him and handed over the weird tasks.

The icing on top of the cake is the fact that at a recent NASSCOM seminar, the CEO of his company Sathish Kumar went berserk and clearly made a fool of himself in front of the global audience.

So what will happen to Arjun? Will he able to perform and accomplish those bizarre and dangerous tasks? Will he ever be able to figure out the truth behind the eighth floor? What secret mission is his top management on?

To know this you will have to read The Exorcism of Sathish Kumar, MBA yourself.

Moving onto the other aspects of the book, the story though interesting is a little bizarre in its own way.

The writing style is promising and succeeds in making the book appear interesting. But, by the end of the book, there are many things which may simply never make any sense to you.

The story may move in its own direction and at its own pace and then suddenly on its whim, will take a twist so abrupt that you will never figure out (unless you read it several times over) what just happened..!!

The story in totality, to sum it up, is bizarre..!! and that is especially true in the end when just like CEO of the company the plot goes berserk and take us into god knows what all places.

Unless you may have read and been a fan of works in the likes of Marathon Baba by Girish Kohli, I see little reason why any self-respecting individual will want to delve into the mysteries of Sathish Kumar and the eighth floor.

An interesting read nevertheless (if you take into account the first 220-230 pages), The Exorcism of Sathish Kumar, MBA will surely amuse you and I give it a three out of five stars.

Saying that I would end this review by mentioning that because of his writing style, I am quite hopeful on this author and would look forward to his future works.