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Author Ekta Sinha Interview

Simple living, and high thinking – this is the perception you get when you interact with a noble soul like Ekta Sinha. A graduate in economics honours, and with past experience as an economics teacher, Author Ekta Sinha is currently employed as a content creator with Prema Films.

Her area of expertise in script writing and story development means she is always exercising her creative talents and devoting her energies to the very things she loves.

Being a reader herself, she is quite the J.K. Rowling fan and loves to pitch A Thousand Splendid Suns to whoever comes to her for a book recommendation. Watching good movies always fills her with inspiration to create great stories and unforgettable characters.

Being in the film industry, she aspires to one day lay claim to a book-to-screen adaptation of her own and make some moolah in the process.

Ekta lives in Ghaziabad along with her husband, parents, and two kids. When she is not working or writing, she loves to indulge in her hobbies which include playing chess, cards, badminton, cooking, and watching movies.

A June child, Ekta married early in life, and soon after, was involved in raising her two kids, and being a homemaker. It was in her 40s that she was bitten by the writer’s bug and from then onwards, there was no looking back. It wasn’t an easy journey in the beginning, but one that was oddly satisfying.

What came next was not one but two books back-to-back, The Blazing Moon: Journey to Hell, and The Deal in Akmud, both of which received generous reviews from readers across all platforms. Her books are currently available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Kindle platforms.

Her latest book, The Deal in Akmud is a mysterious and fantastical thriller where good gets pitted against evil.

Ekta currently writes scripts and pitches stories for ad films, short films, and web series, and sends them to production houses.

Her mantras for life – 

Nothing can stop you if you don’t will to give up

Don’t expect much but don’t forget to take small steps if you want to reach somewhere. 

We at bookGeeks got a lucky chance to have a candid conversation with the author. Here is what she has to say about her love for books, reading, and writing, as well as her latest writing endeavour The Deal in Akmud.

bookGeeks Interview of Author Ekta Sinha
Tell us something about yourself. Who is Ekta Sinha as a person, and what are her likes and dislikes?
I am a sweet person, a bit of an introvert, but I make friends easily with like-minded people. I don’t interfere in others’ lives and expect the same from others. I am a giving person who is always ready to help. I like when people are honest, and I hate lies and delays. Dramas are a strict no-no.
What do you do in your professional sphere? Has it ever influenced your writing?
I am a novelist and a screenwriter. I am a freelance content writer in a production company. I started my career a year ago. Before that, I was a homemaker.
When did you first realize that you wanted to write down your son’s dream as a novel?
I was working on my next novel after the first release when my son told me about his dream. The dream was like a puzzle, and any inquisitive mind has this tendency to solve any puzzle. I decided to write a story based on that dream.
How did you go about the writing process? Are you a spontaneous writer or a disciplined one?
I write when I find the time to write. Not a disciplined writer, in that way. When I write my novels, I have the scenes in my mind that will take the story further. I think about it in advance, that way, I am a disciplined writer. But sometimes, I surprise myself with my spontaneous response. People ask me to write on a topic I have never thought of writing about, and I give them a good response.
Who are the contemporary YA fiction novelists you admire?
I like J.K.Rowling and Kelly Barnhill.
One quote that never fails to motivate you?
Whatever happens, it happens for good!
As an author, where do you see yourself five years from now?
I want people to know me for my books and their screen adaptations. I want to be a successful author and screenwriter.
How can our readers reach you?
I am on Instagram as @writerektasinha.
I am on Facebook as ‘Amazing stories by Ekta Sinha’.
I am also on LinkedIn and Twitter as Ekta Sinha.
What are some of your other interests apart from writing?
I love to spend time with my family. I like playing chess and traveling. Watching movies is my all-time favorite thing.
Do you think fantasy fiction with a moralistic end is a perfect combination for teaching and instructing young adults with moral values?
Stories or books are the best friends for any young adult. Their mind is curious, and always ready to soak in the things they see or perceive. Good or bad, it goes into their mind. And they hate to be instructed as they are in their rebellious age. So many things are going on in their minds, and they are seeking answers. They love fantasy fiction, and what could be better than to serve them some moral values/teachings through the genre of their liking.
What are your upcoming writing projects?
I am working on my next novel, and I have a few projects in my hand for the film production companies.
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