Appropriate for Ages: 4 to 7

Hi friends, today you are going to read the book review of a fascinating story. “Bobo and the Magic Cloak” is about a nine-year-old penguin named Bobo. Bobo doesn’t live like normal penguins do. Instead of that, she lives in a library. Her sleeping place is in a tiny cupboard between the Magic bookshelf and the Space bookshelf.

Bobo’s dream is to go to outer space. She reads space books, but the books tell her that she needs to learn math and science, but she does not want to do that. So, she gets very impatient and starts to read magic books daily. Finally, one day she reads about the concept of a magic cloak that can help her to fulfil her dreams.

This book follows Bobo on her adventure and is an enjoyable read. Bobo is the only character in the book. She is lovely and adorable.

I finished the book in one sitting because it’s a very short read. There are illustrations on many pages, and the font size is big too. Every page has about 3 to 4 lines. That is why this book is a great read for beginner readers.

I was impressed with the character of Bobo, who makes the book very interesting.

My favourite part in the story happens when the magic cloak is found by Bobo, and she becomes very happy. In the last section of the book, we also learn how to draw Bobo step by step.

I wish the book had colourful illustrations instead of black and white ones because I love reading books with colourful pictures in them.

The book is written by a young author, Reeham Ahmed, and it was sent to me by the publisher. At the end of the story, there is a moral for all readers.

We learn from the story that we should not be impatient. The book is a recommended read for beginners in the age bracket of 4 to 7 years.

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