Aishwarya Moyal

When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmers Book

When I Lost You | Kelly Rimmer | Book Review

Leo, is a war journalist, from an Aboriginal background and Molly, is the daughter of a famous business tycoon. They fall in love while confiding in each other about their past grief and married each other despite their differences. What will happen when they will have to go through the worst side of marriage and relationship, will their love for each other will be enough?

When Waves Fell Silent by Menon Unnikrishnan

When Waves Fell Silent | Menon Unnikrishnan | Book Review

Retirement or Service Menopause as addressed by the author, the term which means the time when one departs the workforce they were engaged with. It represents the end of something, right? But here the author turned the very symbolism of this word and grabbed it as an inspiration for starting the making of this book.