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Ambushed by Nayanika MahtaniPLOT: 4.5/5

It is a well-known fact that Tigers are an endangered species now and steps have to be taken to ensure that our coming generations also get to feel the joy of seeing those marvellous black stripes painted on the most lethal animal man has ever known.

Tigers are beautiful creatures and should be treated and respected as a gift. And what better way to educate the young about Tigers than by the way of an interesting adventure story.

Nayanika Mahtani’s “Ambushed” is the story of a young girl of ten, Tara, who is made to spend her summer vacations in the picturesque forest of Ranibagh.

Reluctant at first, she soon starts to enjoy the place and in the process learns a lot about Tigers and the dangers that threaten their existence.

In a matter of a few days she loves being there but one day her happy reverie is broken when she finds herself in a cave full of poached tiger parts.

Soon there is an evil man handcuffing Tara and pushing her into a gunny sack.

So will Tara be able to rescue her way out? Will she be able to catch the illegal poachers who threaten the Tigers of Ranibagh? What will happen to Tara and what new twist will come in this story?

To know this and much more, read this exciting new novel today!

I absolutely loved the way Nayanika has penned this story. It is indeed very interesting and informative as well.

The information shared by Tara’s father with Tara is quite enlightening and eye-opening. It brings to highlight the issues concerning the Tigers.

This is a great way to educate our young ones on the importance of saving Tigers and giving them their natural habitat back.

The cover and the blurb of “Ambushed” are alluring and are designed well to attract the targeted readers. I myself could not resist the charms of it and hence readily accepted to review this book when it came my way.

The plot is simple and one-directional which works great for children.

The characters are an interesting lot with Satya and Tara at the forefront. The hero of the book is a girl Tara which is a good thing as it promotes daring and courage in young girls.

The climax is befitting and the book ends on a positive note.

I enjoyed “Ambushed” a lot and hence will definitely recommend it to all my readers who have children in the age group of 9 to 12 years. I end this review by rating the book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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