The Accidental Apprentice | Vikas Swarup | Book Review

The Accidental ApprenticePLOT: 4.5/5
CLIMAX: 4.5/5

Each one of us dreams of making it big in our lives.

Some dream of becoming a cricketer, some want to win the Roadies, some want to be a civil servant & some want to become the CEO of a big company.

So, what would you do if, out of the blue, one of the richest men in India comes to you and decides to make you the CEO of his company? Shocked, right?

Well, that is what this book, The Accidental Apprentice, is about.

The story begins when a billionaire Vinay Mohan Acharya approaches an ordinary salesgirl, Sapna Sinha, and asks her to become the CEO of his $10 billion company.

But there is a catch; Sapna has to prove her worth by passing in 7 tests.

These are no ordinary written tests or interviews. These tests are thrown at her by the biggest b***h – LIFE. Circumstances force Sapna to agree to Acharya’s conditions and these tests begin.

Basically, these tests are challenges thrown by life at Sapna and how does she overcome these is the plot. The book is divided into 7 chapters, each dedicated to one test.

The story progresses as Sapna passes the tests, one-by-one, and proves her mettle.

Though I cannot go into further details, I would say that each of the tests involves a story which is compelling, exciting & thrilling.

In the plot, the author has brilliantly used many present-day challenges that India faces like Khap Panchayats, Illegal Organ Donations, and Corruption etc.

Vikas Swarup is a master in creating the characters for his books, be it Q&A or Six Suspects or The Accidental Apprentice.

Sapna Sinha is an ordinary salesgirl and is not very beautiful but the way she’s been portrayed, the way the author has narrated the scenes involving her, you will be mesmerised by her presence of mind, her love for her family and her charm.

Acharya has been shown as a shrewd businessman with acumen in understanding people. He is old, ailing & lonely. You can’t but pity him.

The Accidental Apprentice has a million different characters; Sapna’s family, her neighbours, her colleagues, people she comes across during her tests. Each one of them justifies their roles brilliantly and have a major role in the plot.

I particularly loved the characters of Neha, for her arrogance & beauty; Karan for his brilliance and ACP Khan because he reminds me of Sunjay Dutt.

A final word – No matter what genres you like reading, read The Accidental Apprentice. You’ll love it hands down. Read more to know –

“What are these tests?”

“Are these tests real or artificial creations?”

“Will Acharya make Sapna the CEO after she passes these tests?”

“Does Sapna pass these tests?”

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