My Musings

The first glimpse of 50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career made me doubt it. But I had never expected such a beautiful response from it. It turned out to be one of the best self-help books I have ever read.

This book is meant for those who are unaware of their personality and true potential to succeed.

What to expect?

The book urges everyone, be it a teenager or anyone else for that matter, to be aware of their innate abilities and use them as boulders to their success.

The book is enhanced with brain-tickling questions which help us perceive our abilities and capacities. The main focus of 50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career is on enhancing our strength rather than crying over our weakness, but it does not neglect the power of habits leading to great achievements. 

I felt it more motivating due to the real life examples incorporated in it.

Talking about the writing style

There are so many things that make this book stand out of the crowd.

First and the foremost is the way the author has portrayed every Secret. It has 50 chapters and each chapter has five segments, namely – Introduction, Main topic(s), Reflection, Self-evaluation and Small actions.

Every Secret ends with a positive lesson to improve our lifestyle. You can expect the things that are running through your mind from many years which you never got hold of, settling in your mind in minutes.

Throughout the book, the author has provided external links, books and many more, which helps us move a step closer to a successful life.

My Takeaways

The book has changed me a lot. When I go back to the time before I started reading this book, I felt less motivated and less aware of myself than I am now, after completing it.

While the book helped me a lot to believe in myself, it also made me a get-up-and-go kind of girl, which I never was.

The chapters are small and brief which only talks about the main points and does not run around the bush.

Does the book entertain you?

Though I am not a very huge fan of self-help books, I found it pleasant. I enjoyed reading the book. Though it makes for a deep-read, the language is easy.

The book has the most powerful lessons of our life given in a nutshell. It serves the purpose for the reason that being around 50 pages in, we can feel our perspectives changing.

Pick it up

  • If you want a deep-read
  • If you are looking for self-help books which are quick and easy
  • If you are looking for practical books in the self-help genre
  • If you are looking for a book that motivates and gets you going within an hour or so

Skip it

  • If self-help books aren’t your cup of tea

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of 50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career: Be the Best Version of You by Venkatesh Athreya using the link below.