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Hachette India Giveaway | The Girl in the Spider's Web | David Lagercrantz

September 19, 2015

The Millennium Series Giveaway


Hachette India brings to you the Millennium Series Mega Giveaway

Enter the giveaway here - 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Rules - 

  • The giveaway prizes will be provided by Hachette India, subject to availability.
  • Hachette India is not responsible for prizes that are lost in the mail.
  • The giveaway will be in India ONLY.
  • Any disputes arising from this contest are subject to jurisdiction in Delhi.
  • Winners will be determined by the management of Hachette India. The decision of the management will be final and no queries will be entertained in this regard.
  • The entries may be screened for defamatory content/language .Hachette India reserves the right for last minute cancellation and change in terms and conditions.
  • Participants should be Indian residents.
  • The contest will start on 17th September, 2015 at midnight and end on 16th October, 2015 at midnight. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Spam entries or entries that are not valid will be immediately disqualified
  • There will be seven (7) winners. Each winner will win a copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest , The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl in the Spider's Web and one book from the titles listed below:
    1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
    2. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
    3. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
    4. Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith
    5. The Folded Earth by Anuradha Roy
    6. An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy
    7. Rescue by Nicolas Sparks
    8. Under the Dome by Stephen King
    9. Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell
    10. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
    11. The Elephant Catchers: Key Lessons for Breakthrough Growth by Subroto Bagchi
    12. In Spite of the Gods by Edward Luce
    13. Living History by Hillary Clinton
    14. To The Moon and Back by Jill Mansell
    15. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
    16. Theodore Boone,Kid Lawyer by John Grisham
    17. One Day by David Nicholls
    18. The Devotion Of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino
    19. Between The Lines by Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer and Yvonne Gilbert
    20. The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R.Carey
  • Each winner will get a total of five books, subject to availability.
  • All entries that are only entered in the Rafflecopter widget will be valid.
  • Number of entries for each task has been provided in the Rafflecopter widget. Every person who enters the giveaway needs to do at least one task that is listed above for their entry to be valid.
  • Winner has 48 hrs to respond to intimation by Hachette India before another winner is chosen.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway.
  • Blog Tour hosts cannot enter the giveaway.
  • The same giveaway is being hosted on all blogs. There is no separate giveaway on all blogs.

Giveaway #6 | A Hypothesis To Provoke Your Thoughts | Pranjal Ranjan

June 18, 2015

A Hypothesis- To Provoke Your Thoughts | Pranjal Ranjan proudly announces its sixth giveaway, and this time it is the book A Hypothesis To Provoke Your Thoughts by author Pranjal Ranjan

Some books leave you happy, some books leave you sad while some others leave you contemplating. A Hypothesis – To Provoke Your Thoughts is one such book which will leave you pondering over all the psycho-social standpoints which the book talks so thoughtfully about. It is indeed a very good amalgamation of storytelling and writing a social treatise on the various aspects of a human’s life.

The book is based in the territory of North-East India and captures the story of a boy Rishi, who gets orphaned at a very young age of eight years. His only family; his uncle becomes his caretaker but the way he wants to raise and educate Rishi is not what a conventional person will do





Giveaway #5 | Tiger Mates | Amrish Shah

January 22, 2015 proudly announces its fifth giveaway, and this time it is the book Tiger Mates by author Amrish Shah

Shyla is a young lady working with an NGO in Capetown, South Africa whose world is shattered when she realizes that her dying father is not her real one and that she is actually the daughter of a militant rapist who manipulated and abused her young mother. Neil is the carefree loner and thrill seeking illegal smuggler-trader who having lost both his parents at a very young age, later his brother was killed in an ambush attack by the Maoists. Ever since then, Neil has harnessed a dangerous hidden agenda of his own – that of vengeance.

So will they both succeed in their agendas? Will they ever find their true calling? Will the spark ignite and will they ever become true Tiger Mates? Take this contest and get a chance to win this exciting new book today.

Giveaway #5 | Tiger Mates | Amrish Shah

Giveaway #4 | Flames Of Paradise | Tanuja Shankar

January 4, 2015

flames of paradise book giveaway proudly announces its fourth giveaway, and this time it is the book Flames of Paradise by author Tanuja Shankar. The book is a matured love story of an ambitious journalist Snigdha who gets trapped among the Jihadis in Kashmir while interviewing the group chief. Much to her relief, she comes across Roshan who is an under cover journalist and who might be her only way out of the wild.

So, will she ever be able to rescue her way out of this mess? What will happen? Take this contest and get a chance to win this exciting new book today.

Giveaway #4 | Flames Of Paradise | Tanuja Shankar Khan

Giveaway #3 | Far Beyond the Dead End | Saikat Baksi (CLOSED)

July 5, 2014


far beyond the dead end giveaway

far beyond the dead end proudly announces its third giveaway, and this time it is bestselling author Saikat Baksi’s “Far Beyond the Dead End”. Mohenjodaro or the mound of death (in the Indus Valley civilization), which it is now called, had not been the same always. Once bustling with life, the town was a full of life, love, emotions, treachery and betrayal. In between all the scheming and plotting, nobody was aware of the impending doom, until the day it happened. So what happened to Mohenjodaro and its people? Find out in this exceptionally crafted historical fiction. 

Far Beyond the Dead End Giveaway

Giveaway #2 | Burning Sapphires | Suresh Goswami (CLOSED)

May 21, 2014


burning sapphires giveaway

burning sapphires BookGeeks proudly announces its second giveaway, and this time it is debut author Suresh K. Goswami’s “Burning Sapphires”. Suresh is a Kashmiri himself and in this book writes passionately about the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. The book is about a young girl Shahzadi Ghulab Sahib, who with the sheer power of her will and determination succeeds in building a new Kashmir for the exiled Kashmiri Pandits and overpowers the most feared terrorist in the valley, Ali Murtaza. A near perfect blend of reality and fiction makes this book, quite an outstanding one.

Burning Sapphires Giveaway

Giveaway #1 | The Black Coat | Neamat Imam (CLOSED)

February 21, 2014


book giveaway #1

BookGeeks proudly announces its first giveaway, and we start it with Neamat Imam’s ‘The Black Coat’. The book is a satire based on the Sheikh Mujib government of Bangladesh, and in the words of our reviewer, “Though this book is a work of fiction, it comes across as a true picture of the troubled Bangladeshi history of those times. It would only suffice to say, I have not read a better book than this, ever.”

the black coat giveaway

No. of books up for grabs: 5

Last date for submission: 6th March, 2014

Winners will be announced on: 10th March, 2014


  1. Tweet/Post this link ( with - #TheBlackCoatBookGeeks (multiple shares mean more chances of winning)
  2. Drop in a mail to Sankalpita(at)bookgeeks(dot)in giving us your details.





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