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Welcome To Your Afterlife | Stephanie Rabig | Book Review

August 31, 2016

Welcome To Your Afterlife | Stephanie Rabig | Book Review

By Sankalpita

PLOT: 2.5/5





In my 4.5 years as a book reviewer I have read a very few books on afterlife. The Memory Game by Sharon Shant being one of them. I came across the book “Welcome to your Afterlife” on Netgalley and having found it interesting, I soon downloaded it.  I did not have any expectations and I started with a very blank mind but I was soon to be disappointed. Read on why.

Abigail Campos was 22 year old girl when a sudden heart freed her from the shackles of life. She soon finds herself in the afterlife. The afterlife is a whole new world. There are souls working in shifts, there are energy banks (somewhat on the lines of a community bank), and lots and lots of technical stuff. Abigail meets Renata who is responsible for her transition from one realm to another and for taking care of her till she is able to absorb the shock of her death.

Now, the afterlife in this world runs on an interesting concept. Souls are required to acquire energy so that they can survive in this world. Everything runs on energy; it is like their money. Souls require energy through various mediums and they are meant to deposit the excess in community reserves. Each soul is assigned a particular function and category and they have supervisors and bosses looking after their work assignments. Now, all this was okay and to be very frank a little unique and amusing.

But what did not sit down well with me was the fact that the characters were an unappealing bunch. They were quite superficial and the author had not bothered to establish a connection between the readers and the character, which is always so important in all books. I also found the writing style quite unappealing as it did not make a decent novel out of a decent plot. The writing was very rushy, if there is such a word, and the end was also very lame. There is a romantic connection shown in the book, but there was no time given for the romance to brew properly.

Thus, overall rating of the book is two out of five stars. I gave it one star for the unique concept of the afterlife and another star for bringing into limelight the topic of asexuality. Sadly, I find it hard to recommend the book to any of my readers.

In case you wish to read it, a copy can be availed from the link below.

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