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Amulet Book 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse | Kazu Kibuishi | Book Review

December 7, 2016

Amulet 2 Book ReviewBy Ayushman Singh Solanki

STORY: 4/5





As in my earlier review I told that a monster takes away the children's mother and the story of book one about how the children saved their mother from the monster. This book is the continuation of the book one. Now in this book there is an enemy who is hunting for one of the children Emily. He is doing so because he wants the amulet which Emily has. He wants the amulet because it has super powers in it. The enemy with whom Emily have to fight bravely is The Elf King. In book one the monster who takes away the children's mom is an Arachnopod and the mother of children is stung by it and the condition of mother appears to be very bad. This stung is too dangerous that the mother can even die, to cure the stung children have to get the fruit of one Gadoba tree. The whole story of this book two is how they reached to Gadoba tree. There is one new character in a story named Leon a bounty hunter his role in the story is of a bodyguard of Emily and other people with her.

The character which I liked most is the fox Leon. I liked it because the adventure and action quotient in the story is good because of this character.

I liked the cover of the book and I think that the cover of all the eight books are good. I liked the story and I really want to read all the eight books as early as possible. In the end I also recommend all the children of my age i.e. 12 to read this book.

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Guest Reviewer profile – Ayushman Singh Solanki is a guest reviewer who is 13 years of age and studies in the 7th standard of St. Pauls Church College in Agra. In addition to reading, he also enjoys playing football and other sports. Amulet is one of his favorite books.

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