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A Tale of Two Mommies | Vanita Oelschlager | Book Review

August 31, 2016

A Tale of Two Mommies | Vanita Oelschlager | Book Review

By Sankalpita

AGE: 4-6 years

A tale of two mommies is a sweet little book meant for children who have just started reading. There are maximum one or two lines per page. The language is also simple and easy to understand.


The book is really small with just about 24 pages. I got to read the ebook version which I had requested through netgalley.

STORY: 3/5

It’s not a story basically but rather a conversation which takes between 3 little kids on a beach outing. The conversation takes place between 2 boys and 1 girl. One of the boy is being brought up by a same sex couple and that is why he has two mommies. The other kids ask him questions about both his moms. For example – which mom is there when you want to go fishing? Which mom likes to bake cake? And so on and so forth.  It’s pretty obvious that the child is raised in a caring and loving environment and that he loves both his moms.


The illustrations are really good. Though they are pretty basic but they are quite interesting and will help in retaining the interest of the child reader.

VALUES: 3.5/5

The book teaches about love and care in a subtle and underlying way.


Overall, the book is interesting and I will recommend it for children between 4-6 years. A note from the author in the beginning of the book states that all the proceeds from the book will be going to charity.

Can’t wait to read the book. Buy your copy from the link below.

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