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  • Fables from IndiaFables from India | Uday Mane | Book Review
    STORIES: 3/5 THEME: 3.5/5 CHARACTERS: 2.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 2.5/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3/5 I have always loved reading short stories. They are very much like a time machine, they can take you to places in no time. Whereas you have to invest a couple of hours in a novel, a short story has no such […]
  • Demons in my Mind by Aashish GuptaDemons in my Mind | Aashish Gupta | Book Review
    ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT – 4.5/5 PLOT – 4/5 WRITING STYLE – 4/5 CLIMAX – 4.5/5 CHARACTERS – 5/5 Pain is termed as a distressing feeling which one feels and is caused by intense or damaging stimuli, but what if someone told you that pain and suffering are a manifestation […]
  • You Are the Best Wife by Ajay K PandeyYou Are the Best Wife | Ajay K. Pandey | Book Review
    PLOT: 3/5 CHARACTERS: 4.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5 CLIMAX: 3/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 4/5 Every time I check out for the bestsellers list, I almost always find this book. So this book has been on my TBR list for too long now. Hence, when I found myself looking for a light read, I decided […]

Latest Non-Fiction Books

  • How to be a Bawse by Lilly SinghHow To Be a Bawse | Lilly Singh | Book Review
    SUBJECT: 4/5 CANDIDNESS: 3.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 4.5/5 LOOK AND FEEL: 5/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 5/5 Lilly Singh needs no introductions. Everybody knows her. So, I guess pretty much everyone knows that she just recently came out with her book “How to be a Bawse” in a truly superwoman […]
  • Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs by Varun MannavaPolite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs | Varun Mannava | Book Review
    SUBJECT: 3/5 RELEVANCE: 3/5 RESEARCH: 2/5 WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5 I remember reading Barney Stinson’s The Bro Code a couple of years back. Now, I am not a huge fan of his twisted ways of getting the attention of the opposite sex but I have to give one thing to the book – […]
  • The Rich Labourer by Parthajeet SarmaThe Rich Labourer | Parthajeet Sarma and Sibani Sarma | Book Review
    CONCEPT: 4/5 WRITING STYLE: 3.5/5 RELEVANCE: 3.5/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5 In this age of cut-throat competition, innovation is not just a way of competitive advantage but often the means of survival. But what is the right approach to innovation? Do all companies carry out innovation […]

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  • 7 Best Romance Novels by Indian Authors7 Best Indian Romance Novels
    Why do we need a list of the “Best Indian Romance Novels”? The romance novel genre is booming with new books and writers being introduced by the dozen, especially after the success of […]
  • Books on GaneshaTop 10 Books on Ganesha
    Shri Ganesha is one of the most revered Gods in Hindu mythology and what better way for book lovers to celebrate this festival than by reading one of the Top 10 books available on Lord Ganesha. Most […]
  • 15 Best Books On and About India15 Best Books On and About India
    India is a land of vast diversity. You can easily be lost in its charm or be repulsed by it but still, you can never deny the fact that there is, in fact, no other nation like her. So what better way […]

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